Mrs India 2017 Finalist- Aanandana Garg

Mrs India 2017 Finalist- Aanandana Garg

1. What Motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning ?

Ans.: My DREAMS, motivates me to get out of bed each day in the morning and start working towards it. As I believe, we should not limit our dreams to our capabilities instead we should raise our capabilities to dream big. And for such big dreams, you can’t be sleeping. You work hard towards it.

2. Your most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017?
Ans.: The most memorable moment at Mrs. India 2017 was when we were being clicked in a group for the first time with the team of Directors and Deepali ma’am, a sudden feeling of being included in the family came into my heart. I was flowed with lot of emotions. Now they are the members of my family.. I would say a new family added to my life. The kind of love, encouragement, guidance and boost you get here, at Mrs. INDIA, I can bet no one can get anyone else.
3. If you can swap a role of one person from Family who that would be and why?
Ans.: I do’nt feel a need ever to swap a role with anyone. I am in a happy space, contend and satisfied. I love what I am doing and its a feeling of pride that I am a lifeline to my family.
4. What do you do when you are not working ?
Ans.: When I am not working, I am all for my children. Cooking is my hobby. Creativity runs in me. So, I am either playing with my children, helping them in studies, cooking or baking for them or making something in art or crafts creatively. Also at times I try and have a “me-time” which i feel is important too.
5. How would you describe Yourself in one Word ? And Why ?
Ans.: I would describe myself in one word as a DETERMINED person. A person who has a “never give up” attitude come what may and is very hard working. I believe in the 3 P’s of life patience, peseverence and perspiration that is my life’s mantra. I am a person who lives life with a simple thinking believing in a glass half full and not half empty.
6. Who inspires you and why ?
Ans.: My MOTHER inspires me. She is the one who has taught me that SUCCESS does not lie in “results” but in “efforts”. “Being” the best is not important, “doing” the best is all that matters. Success is not the key to happiness, HAPPINESS is the key to SUCCESS. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
7. What is your favorite Quote and why ?
Ans.: I firmly believe in the saying, quoted by Mother Teresa – ” I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”. Each word of this quote is what I firmly believe in. Its not important to go and change the world to bring a change.. no one can do that. Whats important is to start from your own self.
8. What is Your Favorite Outfit ?
Ans.: My favourite outfit is SAREE. I feel it is an outfit that shows our femininity and at the same time our beautiful culture and tradition. I feel proud and glamorous in wearing our National outfit Saree which can be draped in numerous ways.
9. If you want to go on Vacation what would be your plan?
Ans.: If I were to plan a vacation, without a second thought I would plan to go to KERELA in South of India. Its a beautiful place, has breathtaking views, delicious food and warm people. I love nature and I find peace in the lap of greenery, waterfalls and chirping birds. This is my favourite place to be. We have such beautiful landscapes in India, though people go abroad for their vacations but atleast once in a year, I believe we should go and explore one place in our country as it has a lot to offer in terms of scenic beauty, warm people, glorious heritage and delicious food.
10. What is your spiritual practice?
Ans.: I am a God fearing person. I have faith in God and that whatever he does has a reason behind. I believe that whatever we loose in life was never worth it and whatever we win is all his blessings and his gift to us. I start my day with meditation and a morning prayer; and a small thankyou prayer in the night before going to bed. I believe what is within me is God’s gift to me and what I do with it, is my gift to God. So be positive and help people. Be kind and generous to others.
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