Mrs India 2017 Finalist Snehlata Rathore

Mrs India 2017 Finalist Snehlata Rathore

Mrs India 2017 Finalist Snehlata RathoreMrs India 2018 2019 2020

Mrs India 2018 :

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1. what motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning ?
    Mrs India 2017 Finalist : My passion for workout and my work motivates me to wake up in the morning .
2. what do you do when you are not working ?
      Mrs India 2017 Finalist : I am busy serving and taking care of my family when not at work .
Mrs India 2018
3. How would you describe yourself in one word and why ?
      Mrs India 2017 Finalist : Kind hearted . Because I cannot see people suffering and when I see anyone in pain it moves my heart to help them .
4. who inspires you and why ?
      Mrs India 2017 Finalist : Rajmata Gayatri Devi of jaipur inspires me. Because she has made a strong impact on the society by opening the first ever girls educational institution MGD in jaipur and paving the very path for girls to grow.
5. what is your favourite quote and why ?
    Mrs India 2017 Finalist :”Those who are beautiful,aren’t good always, but those who are good are always beautiful.”
    I strongly like this quote because I personally relate to people because of their nature,their good will. Good nature of a person makes an impact on me and also does beauty but as a human being I am more inclined to a beautiful nature of a person than the beautiful persona. Nature mesmerises me more than beauty because beauty might fade with time but good nature will always be there.
6.what is your favourite outfit ?
    Mrs India 2017 Finalist :Saree is my favourite outfit because I feel comfortable in it as well I like outfits that make me look elegant.
7.If you want to go on a vacation what would be your plan ?
    Mrs India 2017 Finalist :If I had to plan a vacation I would look for a destination that defines nature at its best and the place is a reflection of peace and harmony. So I would plan to go on a place which has natural beauty like greenery,waterfalls,lakes etc…
8.what is your spiritual practice ?
    Mrs India 2017 Finalist : lighting a lamp and reciting hymns on a daily basis is my little effort of reaching God. And I dedicate some time to do yoga to open up my mind.
9.your most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017 ?
    Mrs India 2017 Finalist :Having been selected as Mrs India Rajasthan (classic) 2nd runner up and being crowned for the same is the most memorable moment that I cherish from the stage of Mrs India 2017.
10.If you can swap a role of one person from family,who that would be and why ?
      Mrs India 2017 Finalist : I would want to swap my role with my husband in my family because the kind of nature ,love and encouragement that he offers to each one in the family has made me and my family what we are today.

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