Mrs India 2018 2019 Garima

Mrs India 2018/2019

Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd Proudly Presents Sixth Edition of Mrs India PageantMrs India 2018  India’s One and Only National Pageant for Married Woman . Mrs India 2018 Finalist for Theme Crown of Mrs India 2018.

Mrs India Pageants is the only existing Pageant in India for married Woman that hosts Nationwide Auditions and State Level Pageants on floor and then select Most Beautiful Indian Married Woman as Mrs India Finalist.

After long and tough selection process of here We present Mrs India 2018 Finalists who have been selected from Nationwide Auditions and Grandeur of Mrs India State Level Pageants .

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Lets Know our Mrs India 2018 Finalist :

  1. How you start your day?

Mrs India Finalist: Being a pilot in the Indian Air Force my day usually starts pretty early.Most briefings on the various  missions and tasks are conducted before sunlight.My alarm clock makes sure that I am up and going,well in time without any option of snooze.On waking up I pump up my adrenaline with music and do some stretching,which gets me going fully charged and energised to take on the rest of the day. When fully ready I keep at least 15 minutes to connect to the higher power so as to express my gratitude,count my blessings and to keep my feet deeply rooted with my soul soaring high.

  1. Your most memorable moment of the year 2018?    

Mrs India Finalist: I’ve always loved and admired butterflies,because they transform themselves effortlessly and gracefully.For a girl in uniform who is programmed to do march pasts, giving a shot in a beauty pageant and being committed to master the cat walk,I literally  moved from boots to bellies.While I love wearing the blue uniform, I was equally enthusiastic about wearing my pink evening gown.Armed forces has taught me to enjoy the uncertainty of life with a smile , embrace it with open arms and  believe in making every second of life count but undoubtedly my decision to try ramp is till date the most memorable event of 2018.

  1. What would you love to do in your free time ?

Mrs India Finalist: In my free time I look forward to spending quality time with my friends,family and with my five year old young man.My Me-time also involves looking after and pampering myself with indulgences such as a spa,a good outing to a restaurant,watching educational videos on youtube, or going for a drive to recharge myself.

  1. What is your favourite outfit?  

Mrs India Finalist: My green overalls with wings on my chest  is my favourite outfit as I have earned it with my sweat and blood.It is just not an attire but my identity that I have worked hard for and each day endeavour to live up to the expectations that I have on my shoulders as an officer. When not wearing the uniform I admire and enjoy wearing sarees which is the most feminine garment and adds to the glamour quotient of every Indian woman.

  1. What is your favourite vacation destination and how would you plan it?

Mrs India Finalist: My favourite vacation destination is a place away from the hustle bustle and the routine. Being an aviator,I consider myself extremely lucky to have had experienced the bird’s eye view from the third dimension.Courtesy the adventurous and globe trotter nature of my profession and added with versatility of a chopper of being capable of landing in limited space, I have had the opportunity of landing at places such as Gangotri,the source from where Ganga originates.Given a chance I would love to go there with my family. This time I would hire a civil charter helicopter so that my folks can also enjoy and experience the joy of flying between snow clad mountain peaks and landing next to the river bed.

  1. If you could bring awareness about one cause in the society, what that could be and why? 

Mrs India Finalist: Equality is something that humans naturally tend to crave. Wherever whoever is a weaker section of the society, he/she/they need empowerment. Women especially are a major part of the society which is yet to be empowered to their full potential.Women should get equal opportunities to grow, learn and add value to the society in whatever way they feel happy with. We need more Kalpana Chawlas, Chanda Kocchars, Indira Nooyis and Mother Terressas.For a healthy and balanced society, all segments need to be treated fairly equal.

  1. What is your favourite dish you love to relish anytime ?

Mrs India Finalist: My all time favourite dish is Rajma Chawal.Given a choice, I can eat it for the rest of my life,everyday.Whenever I return home to my mother,I demand it to be specially cooked for me.Recently I payed visit through trek to Maa Vashno Devi near Jammu and after a 14 km steep climb when we could eat Rajma Rice on the top ,it was the best feeling in the world,the taste still lingers on and while I am writing this answer,I am already salivating 😉

  1. If you can eradicate one issue from the society what that could be ?

Mrs India Finalist: If I could completely eradicate one issue from the society, it would be child abuse.A child is a delicate reflection of us, who with a tender heart absorbs everything exposed to.For the foundation of a strong tomorrow,we have to safeguard and protect our children and give them an open society where they can flourish and grow without fear.

  1. What is the Mantra of your Life ?

Mrs India Finalist: My mantra in life is a gentle reminder that “ Life is Good” and when I say that,I give myself a thumbs up as it quickly fills my heart with love,hope and allows me to see the brighter side of life even in the most challenging times and gives me strength to believe that tough times don’t last but tough people do.

  1. One new thing that you want to learn ?

Mrs India Finalist: I am a believer that everyday comes into our lives with a chance to learn something new, to achieve something more and gives us a choice  to become a better version of what you were yesterday.While my bucket list is very long for the things I want to learn,at present I am very keen on learning to play guitar.Apart from great cognitive benefits such as  improving focus, intelligence, and motor skills,it has many emotional health benefits. Music boosts creativity and is deeply therapeutic.Plus it gets you in center stage and makes people easily connect to you within no time.

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  • Anil Srivastava

    You have an excellent profile Squadron Leader Garima Dixit, and you have succinctly answered all the questions that were posed to you. I wish you the very best in the Mrs. India 2018-19 contest.

  • Arjun Verma

    She is the best in every field..She is the winner in true wishes Garima

  • Divya Ramchandani

    You already are a winner for us…I m sure u ll again make us proud…loads of love

  • Ravi Bhat

    You only deserve to win this my vote for Garima Dixit

  • Sagar Verma

    Absolutely amazing. You will definately win. My vote is definately for mrs garima dixit


    Garima, my wishes are always with you and i hope that you get to learn a lot from this journey and also win the competition.

  • Gopal Sharma

    My vote is for Sqn Ldr Garima. All the best wishes for Garima

  • Surjeet Mann

    All the best Garima. You have always been a winner.

  • Vikram

    I know Garima as a focused and professional individual who sets for herself, aims which have a higher purpose. She has done many operations and missions which require great skill and talent. Being a combat pilot, a mother and above all an ideal woman I am sure she will be the best choice for Mrs India

    Wg Cdr vikram Thiagaraman

  • Pichipoo Raja

    Whether it is operations in military aviation or Parade Garima has always been on the front. She has made us proud on several occasions. A salute to their parents who by virtue of a successful career in the Army have motivated all their kids to be part of the armed forces family. The service to the nation continues in the second generation. In fact it runs in the next generation too . Her son Aryaman at this young age loves to watch aircraft flying on YouTube when other kids are busy watching cartoons. All the very best buddy.

  • Navjit Singh

    The most deserving candidate with an intellectual view about self, family and society . Keep it up.. make this nation and everyone around proud .


      Best of luck you are also win this…
      Garima. ..

  • Ravishankar Dubey

    Wishing u all the very best…. May God help you to make effort to win this competition…. We all proud on you…. Good luck.

  • Amar Singh

    Wishing successful competition. You are going to be proud winner. All the best. Master’s blessings and love.

  • Gunjan Dixit Verma

    May the Universe be with you.. You are our sunshine.. Godspeed and best wishes

  • Abhishek Rathore

    Garima! Best of luck for this contest and I am sure that u deserve it for winning.

  • Jyotika Sharma

    All the best Garima……you r making everyone around u proud

  • Dinesh Dixit

    Garima is totally focused in her work and thoughts. Being a pilot is not easy when she is also a mother. But this young Air force officer has already completed many missions with great skill and talent. Be it her education, operations in aviation, Republic day parade or being a mother Garima has been a winner always. An ideal daughter, sister, wife and mother, Garima is THE BEST choice for this title. All the best Garima, go get it. Make us proud one more time as yo did on several occasions.

  • Amit - Red Devil

    Amazing… all the best and keep spreading love… And full respect to you being an army women !

  • Sumita Sanyal

    All the best Garima Di…you will surely win…loads of love and luck ❤️

  • Kamlesh Dixit

    You are the best and the” Most Suited”for the crown of Mrs India.

  • Verangna Singh Jamwal

    Best♥️est wishes to u di…. shine bright as always!!!!! You are an inspiration to every woman to acheive her dreams in whichever field she chooses….

  • Gunita Anand

    All da Best Garima .. You will wear the crown .. Cheers !

  • Anima Singh

    All the best dii , i wish to god that you will win the competition

  • Anu Vats

    All the best GARIMA ma’am. We will pray to God that this year u should be crowned as Mrs India .

  • Renuka

    All the best to the proud soldier in uniform! And a positive, intelligent and graceful citizen and lady. You do us Proud Garima, keep the flag flying.

  • Kamlesh Dixit

    Good luck Garima.Master’s blessing are always with you.

  • Shefali Turray

    मंजिल उन्ही को मिलती है,
    जिनके सपनो में जान होती है।

    पंख से कुछ नहीं होता ,
    हौसलों से उड़ान होती है।


    I have had the proud privilege to serve in the same Regiment as that of Garima’s father who has been my Friend, Philosopher and Guide. I have known Garima only as a small child but since she is the same DNA as that of her adorable father she can be nothing but the best and has naturally evolved into an all-round woman that she is and, as such, is the logical claimant to this coveted Crown.

    Every Indian woman becomes a wife first and a mother later and while playing both these roles her sense of Sacrifice is at play. But a woman who opts to join the Defence Services actually volunteers to lay down her life (if need be) for the sake of her mother land and on that account her sense of Sacrifice is certainly Supreme and needs to be taken cognisance of. It’s on this account that I salute Sqn Ldr Garima Dixit and wish her all the best in this competition.

    Jai Hind!

    – Major Shinde, Kolhapur

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