Mrs India 2018 2019 Satwinder

Mrs India 2018 2019 Satwinder

Mrs India 2018/2019

Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd Proudly Presents Sixth Edition of Mrs India PageantMrs India 2018  India’s One and Only National Pageant for Married Woman . Mrs India 2018 Finalist for Theme Crown of Mrs India 2018.

Mrs India Pageants is the only existing Pageant in India for married Woman that hosts Nationwide Auditions and State Level Pageants on floor and then select Most Beautiful Indian Married Woman as Mrs India Finalist.

After long and tough selection process of here We present Mrs India 2018 Finalists who have been selected from Nationwide Auditions and Grandeur of Mrs India State Level Pageants .

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Lets Know our Mrs India 2018 Finalist :

  1. How you start your day?

Mrs India Finalist: When I wake up every morning at 5’o clock, after I have said my prayers I water my plants, sit back and enjoy my hot cup of steaming black coffee and then I am ready to go to the gym.

  1. Your most memorable moment of the Year 2018?

Mrs India Finalist: My most memorable moment was the time when I saw tears of happiness and joy in my children’s’ eyes after winning the title of Winner Classic Mrs. India Himachal Pradesh.

  1. What You would love to do in your free time?

Mrs India Finalist: We all understand that being a housewife is an occupation in itself.  No matter how much time you have it seems less. So like any other mother and housewife once I am free from doing my  daily chores needless to say I love spending time with my family, prepare for Mrs. India finals and when need to reenergise take a power nap, whenever I get some free time.

  1. What is Your Favourite Outfit?

Mrs India Finalist: I believe that whatever makes me feel comfortable, stylish and feminine gets to be my favourite which nowadays are a pair of denim and floral blouses.

  1. What is your favourite Vacation destination, How would you plan it?

Mrs India Finalist: I’ve always wanted to go to Venice, Italy so it is my favourite vacation destination. I want to have a romantic Gondola ride in the grand canal of Venice followed by my love for two other things, Italian food and shopping.

  1. If you can bring awareness about one Cause in the Society what that could be and Why?

Mrs India Finalist: What I find most distressful is organ trafficking because on one side we have a lack of awareness and as a result we have lack of donors. In my capacity, I would like to bring about an awareness on organ donation and once there is an awareness there can be a reduction on organ trafficking. As a result, deserving persons can be recipient of the required donors.

  1. What is Your Favourite Dish you love to relish anytime?

Mrs India Finalist: I love “Gobhi ka parantha” prepared by my mother to which the added butter is like the icing on the cake.

  1. If you can eradicate one issue of the society what that could be?

Mrs India Finalist: Starvation and deprivation wrenches my heart to the core. If I can do my bit in eradicating starvation and depravation I would, because I believe nobody deserves to go to bed hungry.

  1. What is the Mantra of your Life?

Mrs India Finalist: The mantra of my life which I chant in my head in all my vulnerable times is


  1. One New thing that You want to learn

Mrs India Finalist: I would like to learn how to be stand-up comedian because i love laughter and cheerfulness all around me like anyone else. I genuinely like to see people happy and cheerful. Doing some stand up comedy would be my way of contributing to alleviate the stresses of daily life.

Comments ( 86 )

  • Bineet Singh

    All the best Mom! Super proud. You are a true winner.

  • Bhawna Randhawa

    All the best aunty! You’re doing great and making all of us proud! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Divyanshi Bhardwaj

    What a delightful person and an even better interview. Beautiful inside and out. All the best!

  • Sanya Chauhan

    A woman is known to be a God’s precious gift, who portrays multiple roles in one’s life like Sister Daughter Grandma Aunt, but the most important is to being a MOTHER. A mother who sacrifice her everything, just to make her children smile… and Aunty you are the perfect and Beautiful Example in my eyes… so you, my ALL ROUNDER, go ahead, chase your desires, achieve them and show the world that what a woman can do… I love you aunty… ❤️❤️

  • Aastha Agnihotri

    She’s an Admirable and inspirational woman who deserves to be the winner because of the unique attributes she possesses . Mrs India must be a woman who is compassionate and selfless..Mrs Shelly possesses the requisite strength and perseverance and definitely will make the best Mrs India.

  • Tanisha Gupta

    She is the perfect women who deserves to win.. A perfect example of beauty with the brains. I wish her all the very best ❤️❤️

  • Charu Rajput

    All the very best for ur competition shelly maa❤️ are already a winner…and a true inspiration to many including me..and u are gonna be an ultimate winner..good luck with all the best wishes

  • Vaishali Thakur

    Congratulations…. And all best to u ❤❤ and wishing you all the success ❤❤

    • Shelly Sachdev

      Thank you Vaishali and I will do my best to win a crown for Himachal Pradesh.

  • Shelly Sachdev

    Thanks a lot Sushmita! I am overwhelmed with the wonderful response.

  • Shelly Sachdev

    Haha! How sweet of you Rohit. I am glad to have you in my kid’s life and thanks a ton for such an amazing support.

  • Kuldeep Singh

    All the best. Im so proud of you. You’re
    already a winner for me. ❤

  • Prafful Painuly

    Hey mam….Ol the very best….U r way beautiful and perfect….Keep doing well…Lots and lots of love..

  • Sahiti Kanwar

    Spread love, beauty and grace. All the very best aunty.
    Best wishes

  • Shikha Puri

    This is going to happen i believe! You’ll win! Good luck aunty

  • Shelly Sachdev

    Thank you so much Rati. It is really nice of you to say that and yes, once I’m free, I will take you out for some us time!

  • Shelly Sachdev

    Thanks Mridhul. I completely agree that homemakers are underestimated in some areas by certain section of society but now dimensions are changing.
    And your visit to Shimla is long due so you better come soon!

  • Dixita gulati

    all the very best aunty♥️ spread love and grace♥️

  • Simran Grewal

    You are an inspiration to all the women in Himachal Pradesh. I admire you so much and want to become like you when I grow up. I wish you all the success and happiness not only for Mrs. India but also for all your endeavours in life Ma’am. Truly proud of you!

  • Aastha Thakur

    All the best Aunty. 🙂
    You are truly an inspiration for all the woman out there. Nothing can stop a woman if she has that enthusiasm.
    Wishes and good luck for everything to come. May you shine brighter.

  • Sahil Malhotra

    I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than you, someone who is unafraid to be herself. Your divine magnanimity and chivalrous attitude often bombshells me. I wish and pray that you keep sprawling the ladder of success with utmost ease, grace and poise to become a supernova. You are a true source of inspiration for millions of housewives who sit at home, watch and think of becoming great just like you.

    • Shelly Sachdev

      Your words really touched my heart Sahil. Thank you so much. I wish you a lot of happiness and success in your domain of law and in life.

  • Aanchal Luharch

    All the best Aunty…you are an inspiration for all women.. you will surely win..lots of love nd wishes❤❤

    • Shelly Sachdev

      Thank you so much Aanchal. I will do my best to stand upon all your expectations.

  • Shéìkh Tabassum

    All d best ma’am, you will definitely win..lots of love ♥ ♥ nd respect

  • Tamannah chii

    You are an inspiration for all the women out there, who are either scared or uncertain about expressing themselves…
    All the very best …
    You’re surely gonna win…

  • Shelly Sachdev

    Thanks a lot dear and your visit to Shimla is long due so hope to see you soon!

  • Nancy vashisth

    You’ve always been an audicious person who doesn’t fear in breaking the stereotypes and setting an inspiration for all and this will be no different.
    All the very best Aunty 🙂

  • Anjana chauhan

    I wish you loads of success and happiness in all your endeavours. You are an inspiration for Himachali women. Best of luck. You are a true winner.

  • Riniet Kaur

    I am so Happy with the amazing response! I am proud to be your daughter. All the best Mom! The crown deserves you since you are already our queen!

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