Mrs India 2018 2019 Shaestha

Mrs India 2018/2019

Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd Proudly Presents Sixth Edition of Mrs India PageantMrs India 2018  India’s One and Only National Pageant for Married Woman . Mrs India 2018 Finalist for Theme Crown of Mrs India 2018.

Mrs India Pageants is the only existing Pageant in India for married Woman that hosts Nationwide Auditions and State Level Pageants on floor and then select Most Beautiful Indian Married Woman as Mrs India Finalist.

After long and tough selection process of here We present Mrs India 2018 Finalists who have been selected from Nationwide Auditions and Grandeur of Mrs India State Level Pageants .

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Lets Know our Mrs India 2018 Finalist :

  1. How you start your day?

Mrs India Finalist: I usually start my day with a beautiful smile on my face thanking the Almighty for blessing me with another wonderful day to cherish.. Next thing I reach out to is my cup of herbal tea. While I the sip and enjoy my herbal tea I look into my calendar to quickly plan my day a bit. Then I prefer doing 15 mins of stretching followed by breathing exercises to get energized for the whole day to wear as many caps I can of being a wife, mother, professional, daughter, friend, not to forget of being ‘Myself’.

  1. Your most memorable moment of the Year 2018?

Mrs India Finalist: Well.. There are so many moments… But the one which I would want to mention here is yet to come.. It is something which I will be creating on the sets of this Pageant by winning the crown 😊

  1. What You would love to do in your free time?

Mrs India Finalist: I love reading books in my free time.

  1. What is Your Favourite Outfit?

Mrs India Finalist: I love getting dressed, in many attires with many different styles and feel like making a signature in every style of mine. If I have to name it would be western outfits.

  1. What is your favourite Vacation destination, How would you plan it ?

Mrs India Finalist: I love Nature… Greenery, flowers, beaches are something with which I would love spending my time with. Sitting calmly looking at acres of greenery or sitting at the beach looking at the blue sea, appreciating the beauty of what one and only has created is what I prefer.

I love travelling and exploring places and getting to know different cultures, food, attires, their festivals, their values etc

If I have to name a specific destination which is there in mind for quite some time now would be Mauritius or Maldives.

  1. If you can bring awareness about one Cause in the Society what that could be and Why?

Mrs India Finalist: I feel we all should have little more compassion, care and love towards each other as I feel this could help addressing lot of issues. If we care for each other we would keep our environment clean, minimize the use of plastics, can minimize industry wastes, hence can improvise  our health and can have a better society.

If I have to name one cause I would definitely want to stress upon the ‘Health’ as I feel if we have a good health we can make anything possible in this world.

  1. What is Your Favourite Dish you love to relish anytime?

Mrs India Finalist: For a daily basis I prefer typical south Indian home food like rice, sambar, vegetables etc.  But for a change if want to relish a dish it would be ‘White sauce pasta with broccoli’ with a beautiful ambience.

  1. If you can eradicate one issue of the society what that could be?

Mrs India Finalist: If I can eradicate one issue of the society that would be ‘Sexism’ as still lot of people have this stereotype thinking because of which still lot of people are suffering. Specially its women and transgenders who gets affected by this. Though now a days modern societies are trying their best to eliminate this by education and creating awareness in the people, but still we can see lot of ideologies like ‘Men can’t cry and Women can’t climb trees’ which exist in our subconscious minds. I think we all should consciously try our best to eliminate this and have equality created for everyone in the society and encourage and appreciate for each other’s strengths . This way slowly I feel we can significantly reduce/eliminate domestic violence and social violence, and can have a better environment/society for everyone.

  1. What is the Mantra of your Life?

Mrs India Finalist: Smile at the life and life would smile back to you 😊

  1. One New thing that You want to learn

Mrs India Finalist: Well I am a very enthusiastic person and love learning and trying out different things. For now, dancing is something which I am getting my new craze on.

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