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Mrs India

Mrs India Pageants is founded and Directed by Deepali Phadnis Queen herself Mrs Asia International 2012 , International Jury , Film Maker and National Director of Fashion Asia Awards , Miss Asia Pacific International , Mrs Asia International , Mrs Tourism Queen International , Mrs Planet .

An Engineering Graduate worked in Information Technology with World’s Top IT companies before launching her Dream Program Mrs India to Celebrate Beauty in Diversity of Indian Married Woman as She Believes every Woman is Beautiful and Every Woman should feel Beautiful About Herself irresct to her Age , Weight , Height or Colour .

Mrs India is not just Model , She is a Role Model .

Mrs India Premium National Platform

Mrs. India is India’s one and only Premium platform which is Largest and longest surviving Pageant for married Woman from 2013 that have Won Many International Platforms from its inception in 2013.

Mrs India productions had produced the biggest extravaganza for married Woman till date with its majestic productions, signature Photoshoots, unique video shoots, creative themes that have always given a social message and celebrated its Mrs. India Finalist through various programs.

Eleven Years of Queen Making is has given voice and visibility to Mrs India Finalists, Remarkable Journey of Mrs India has touched many lives and changed lives . Mrs India finalists have transformed themselves from person to personalities on Mrs India while achieving their goals. Its like truly living life of dream.

When Deepali Phadnis decided to start Mrs India Pageants , She was very clear about its theme Beauty in Diversity , as She believed every Woman is Beautiful and every woman should feel Beautiful irrespective to her Age , Height ,weight or Color .Mrs India is a Celebration of Woman hood and her eternal Beauty as We Say at Mrs India , I am Woman Eternally Beautiful .

Mrs India is Pioneer, First and Foremost

Mrs. India is a pioneer of Classic category that extended platform to all age groups. Today all others have taken an inspiration from us. Mrs. India Pageants takes a pride in bringing that change in the society that have completely changed the prospective of the way World should look at Woman or her beauty. Mrs. India have successfully broken that stereotype, those limitations that bound Woman to certain standards. Mrs. India Pageants are proud to bring that change that we can see spread across nation and inspired many other to follow our path.

Mrs India Celebration

Contribution of Woman to the society never stops, so why should we stop celebration her contribution, achievements or her zeal to excel? As a married Woman her responsibilities surge in many folds. Under all those responsibilities somewhere she forgets about herself, her dreams that she left behind for the priorities of Family and career.

So, for all married Woman, Mrs. India, gives second chance an opportunity, a platform to express themselves and realize their dream to be Queen of Mrs. India. Where they can showcase their Beauty, Talent, Glamour and Culture.

Mrs India 2023 2024 will be awareness about Sustainable lifestyle through our Mrs India’s various ways Promotion of Consumption of Millets , Textile Pollution awareness , Conservation of Wildlife ,Diabetes Awareness along with Celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mohotsav which Mrs India started from 2022 year itself

Mrs. India has worked on many social causes and awareness like Diabetes Awareness Textile Pollution awareness as Fashion industry is second largest cause for the environmental pollution across the globe.

Mrs. India Pageant works on this all year round, encouraging everyone to reuse the Clothing, restyle it in order to reduce the Fabrics pilling in dump yards where they take 1000’s of years to decompose. Reusing same fabrics will avoid this textile waste reaching landfills.

Mrs India is actively encouraging Millets in our diets through various activities like cooking , demonstration and community cooking

Beauty Pageants are a phenomenal movement that provides individuals with a strong platform to showcase their identity among the audiences. Mrs. India is one of the exceptional platforms that make married women feel confident to showcase their personality and potential. Mrs. Deepali Phadnis, Director of Mrs India Pageants and Productions has introduced this powerful concept to laud the efforts of married women who are tackling their personal and professional life gracefully.

Breaking the tradition of National / Ethic wear Mrs. Deepali Phadnis, has sounded the bugle for a war on textile pollution. She has called for a paradigm shift in how we buy, use and dispose clothes. "Restyle" is a radical concept of redesigning and reusing existing clothes available with us so as to reduce the generation of textile pollutants.

Mrs India Pageant believes this Revolutionary change will tickle everyone to give at least a single thought to choose a Sustainable Fashion over Fast Fashion. Well that’s not all Mrs India Pageants committed to inspire to protect our Heritage, Environment and reverence to Weavers.

Mrs India Pageants have decided to be the part of Solution not part of Pollution, being largest platform for married woman in India , Mrs India decided to change format of platform itself to be a message that can walk the talk . Restyled by Fashion India

Mrs India Family

Mrs India is spread across in India in various state pageants , Mrs India Finalists are selected in two ways One Nationally directly at Mrs India or Mrs India State Directors select then by hosting State Level Pageants

Official Website – https://mrsindia.net/

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/MrsIndiaOfficialPage/

Youtube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/c/MrsIndiaOfficial

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mrs_india_official_/

For more details, please contact Deepali Phadnis – mrsindiadirector@outlook.com

Mrs India 2023 2022 10th Year Season of Official Mrs India was hosted from 29-Jan-2023 to 1-Feb-2023 at Ranthambore’s Clarks Inn Suits by Deepali Phadnis Director of Mrs India Pageants where 30 Mrs India Finalist from three Different Age Categories participated in Three Age Groups. Mrs India Promotes Sustainable life style in various ways , like Eating Millets grains , Awareness About Textile Pollution , Promotion of Handlooms , Organic Living ,Eco Tourism and Travel . For the Year 2022 2023 Mrs India supported Conservation of Wild life and Consumption of Millets in diet.

Mrs India Finalists were selected from across India and abroad through State Pageants and Auditions in various Cities. from the day of selection to walking on Grand Final ramps Mrs India Finalists involve in various rounds, like Story Telling, Food Connect, Tourism, cooking Millets, Fashion and Fashion walk, Tribal Queen Safari Round, Traditional Wear, Evening Gown and Question and answer round

On Grand Final night Mrs India 2023 2022 show was opened with Traditional Wear round followed by Safari round where Contestants were dressed in Safari round promoting importance of flora and Fauna around us not only in wild life but every living creature living creatures around us , then contestants walked ramp in evening gown . Final round was Question and Asner round for Top 16 Mrs India finalist . Question was about Woman Empowerment and Hurdles in Woman Empowerment  , How as a Mrs India winner can contribute in a Cause .

Mrs India 2023 2022 was concluded with Crowning of Winners in three Categories of age groups  ,

In Mrs India Category Dr Karnika Tiwari is crowned as Mrs India 2023 2022 Winner , Dr Karnika is a reining Queen of Mrs India who will further do a honour of representing India on International platform . and in Classic Mrs India category Jyoti Arora an astrologer was crowned as Classic Mrs India Winner

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