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Mrs India 2021 2022 Sankrantri Festivals of India

Mrs India 2021 2022 Sankrantri Festivals of India

Mrs India 2021 2022

Mrs India 2021 ,Mrs India believes that married is a Woman backbone of the society , At Mrs India we Celebrate this very essence of being Indian Woman . Have you ever heard of Haldi Kumkum Ceremony ? You will be surprised how this Indian Celebration is Woman Centric and how Indian Woman is Celebrated , How Indian Woman Celebrated other Woman and nurtured friendship and show cased Woman power.

Haldi Kumkum :

Today we are talking about one such Festival of India that Celebrates Womanhood and Woman’s Friendship , Haldi Kumkum starts with Sankrantri . Well We all States of India Celebrate Sankrantri but in Western States specifically in Maharashtra Sankranti is just beginning of long Celebration with Social Gatherings of married Woman . Sankranti Delicacies are healthy and specifically for Woman’s health point of View . isn’t that amazing ?

This Celebrations ends on Rath Saptami , that generally gives ladies around 3 weeks to Celebrate , Woman host Beautiful Social gathering , Get dressed , jeweled . Most to mention Host gives gifts to guests which is very much part of Haldi Kumkum Ceremony . They play games and spend quality time . This further improves bond of friendship between them. Started by Woman of Royal Maratha’s and now part of every households Celebration from all walks of life .

At Mrs India we did have this Beautiful oppurtunity to Celebrate this Festival , When Deepali Phadnis and Pratibha Sanshimath were invited by Mamtha Kademani at her home and she Celebrated this Celebration of Womanhood Beautifully . We have saved this Beautiful memory and below is Picture of same .

If you are been the part of such Beautiful Celebration of Womanhood called Haldi Kumkum , Let us know in form below with your image .

deepali phadnis 2021 mrs india director
Deepali Phadnis


Mrs India 2021 2022 2023
Mamta Kademani


Mrs India 2021 :

Mrs India is a Celebration of Beauty in Diversity , Beauty of India is in its Diversity . Our every state of India have unique way of Celebration but still all Celebrate it together . That binds us togther Stronger . Lets Celebrate it .

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deepali phadnis 2021 mrs india 2022

mrs india 2021 predictions by tarot card reading 2022

Free Predictions of 2021 on Mrs India

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Mrs India 2021 2022 presents Predictions of 2021 on Mrs India with Deepali Phadnis by Former Mrs India Winner Radhika Tejpal who is Tarot Card Reader , Know the Do’s and Don’ts of the Year ahead as a guide to help plan the things in Year 2021 .This video is about Energies of the Year 2021 not astrology or Destiny . This shows how coming year will be and how you need to match your energies with the energies of the Year 2021 #Predictions2021 #MrsIndia2021 #RadhikaTejpal