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Resorts Wear for Summer Vacations

Holiday like a Queen

Sun is scorching very harsh; this summer season is recording highest temperatures everyone across Nation. Temperatures are further expected to rise as Queens of Mrs India will be Holidaying to beat the heat in their own style, Therefore Mrs India advises to take necessary precautions before reading this article as Mrs India’s Queens are looking sizzling Hot in their Resort Wear.

What are Summer Friendly Fabrics?

Queens picked beautiful resort wear made up of linen, cotton, satin, muslin and khadi. Queens choose floral prints patterns , some tropical print to plain .These are breathable and light to carry. Some Accessorized themselves in hawaiian style or some kept it minimal .

resort wear mrs india

Ditch the Heels and stressful footwear

Walking Relaxed feet or bare feet is way to Nirvana, this is therapy that calms you down and makes you feel good instantly so pack flip flops, Sandals, floaters, pool slip-ons for pool you can choose bright colours if you like.

resort wear barefoot

What to wear on summer vacation?

Vacations are break from regular work pressure so does the formal clothing, One should chill in relaxed clothing to feel the nirvana that vacations offer. Your wardrobe should pamper you so it is very important for you to pack clothing for the season.

Don’t hesitate Pamper Yourself with Fresh flower treat

Fragrance of fresh flower has calming effect on eyes and nerves too. Don’t hesitate to add fresh flower garland or pamper yourself with fresh flower in head. Goddess in you need to calm down

resort wear mrs india

Don’t forget to accessorize

Hat, Goggles, Zola Bags, Shabnam Bags, Waist Bags, Bamboo Baskets, scarf, sarong are easy to carry that will be useful as well as enhance your look.

If you do not have access to fresh flower, don’t worry Accessorise with Artificial flower, this will further boost your enthusiasm on Holiday with bright colours and enhance your look to suit the season.

pool side dress

What is Resort Wear?

A Clothing for holidaying in resort, generally made from flowy breathable preferably natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, organic silk like satin, chiffon those make you feel relaxed and instantly lift up your mood. Fabrics can have Tropical Prints, Flower prints, Embroidery or plain to give you calming effect.

You can carry music system or head phones if you like to groove on beach or river side by pool side. Dancing is a therapy that instantly lifts you up and rejuvenate. So go for it and have a fantastic vacation. Don’t forget to carry your Mask and sanitisers. Remember Covid is not yet over.

holiday resort wear

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Happy just like Mrs India , Bon voyage

Mrs India 2023 Jyoti Arora

Mrs India 2023 2024 Jyoti Arora With Khenpo Delek and Choegon Rinpoche Tibetan Celebrates Success

Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India Classic winner Jyoti Arora was invited by prominent Tibetan personality in India Shri Khenpo Delek Rinpoche and Shri Choegon Rinpoche at Tibetan Buddhist Temple at Clement Town near Dehradun to Celebrate Queens recent success at Mrs India 2023 2022 where they felicitated her beautifully. Recently Jyoti Arora is Crowned as Top 5 Winners of  Mrs India and Crowned as Classic Mrs India winner 2023 Glittering Goddess and with subtitle Social Media Queen 2023 2022.

As rightly said Celebrate your success with People who Celebrates you , beaucuse they have been your support and strength to reach where you have .

Our Queen Jyoti Arora received a very warm welcome at prestigious Buddhist temple where Shri Khenpo Delek Rinpoche an eminent person of Tibetan society in India felicitated her along with his Mother and Tsedor La .

To make Queen feel at home temple gifted her Traditional Tibetan gown , which Jyoti Arora carried so beautifully and looked gorgeous as ever.

During Celebration ceremony temple bestowed Mrs India’s Queen with auspicious chants and sashed with Traditional Tibetan cultural shawl which is great Honour to be received.  To Cherish this celebration Jyoti Arora’s Daughter joined the felicition along with entire Monastery stationed near Dehradun .

Any Celebrations are incomplete without food connect right ? On this occasion our beautiful Classic Mrs India Beauty dined on local delicacies served at Monastery .

Mrs India Pageants would like to extend our sincere thanks to Shri Khenpo Delek Rinpoche and entire Monastery for this beautiful Celebration and felicitation .

Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India 2023 2024 Jyoti Arora Classic Beauty is also an astrologer , Feng shui master and media personality who appears on various National TV channels to advice and help people with her spiritual abundance .

Mrs India 2023 Celebration at Dehradun Monastery




Mrs India 2023 Dancing Queen Suchitrra Venkat

Mrs India 2023 2024 Dancing Queen Suchitrra Venkat

Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India 2023 2024 Finalist Suchitrra Venkat a great dancer who can make your Soul Dance with her melodious Singing Talent , We heard that it takes an athlete to Dance but an artist to be a dancer ,Suchitra fits this bill perfectly as a Fitness Freak she can dance however  artist in  her makes her move beautifully like a Dancer . Confident and ever enthusiastic Suchitra is Crowned Mrs India Dancing Queen 2023 2022 at National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2023 2022 hosted at Clarks Inn Suits Ranthambore a National Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan.

Like a Queen Suchitrra can channelize her energies in various directions yet can get herself grounded at one point , blessed with Multiple Talents She can amuse you with her Songs and Dance in freestyle and in classical style as well.

Our Dancing Queen has performed on various TV channels and showcased her talent on many Stage Shows including “The London School of Music”.

Suchitrra Venkat is also been on in the prestigious show of singing  “Panchatantra Kriti’s”  organized by Sri Tyagayya  TV in association with “GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS” one of stupendous achievement an Artist can have in her career .

As Art is language of Artist , Artist have no boundaries and for enthusiast like Suchitrra , boundaries have already started blurring , Mrs India’s Dancing Queen is launching her Own Music & Dance Academy  named as ” Suchi’s Music & Moves ”  soon while she will continue to actively contribute to Art and music as Music Consultant to various educational institutions . As Artist is always hungry to explore Suchitrra loves to read to explore and cool delicacies for her lovely daughter .  to  keep  herself fit Suchitrra goes on running ,Cycling and been to many Marathons .

We at Mrs India Family are delighted to have our New Mrs India Dancing Queen 2023 2022 on board who is ready to launch her Own Music & Dance Academy  named as ” Suchi’s Music & Moves “. We wish our Queen all the love and luck. Keep Dancing and Singing .

Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India 2023 Dancing Queen Suchitrra Venkat

Mrs India 2023 2024 winner Queen Cosmopolitan Aneetha Harish Runner up (1)

Mrs India 2023 2024 winner Runner Cosmopolitan Anita Harish

Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India 2023 2024 Finalist Anita Harish is Crowned Queen of Fourth Runner Up of Classic Mrs India 2023 2022 and also been crowned as Mrs India Cosmopolitan Queen 2023 2022 at National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2023 2022 hosted at Clarks Inn Suits Ranthambore from Jan 29-Jan2023 to 1-Feb-2023 .

Mrs India’s Cosmopolitan Queen participated with full on Sporty attitude is a Sportsman herself is National Gold and International Bronze Medalist of Marathons , Banker by profession Anita have a dream of improving Financial Literacy of India woman as a Queen of Mrs India

We at Mrs India Pageants are so proud and content to have a dashing and inspiration Queen who is all set to make difference with Crown on her head , we would like to wish all the love and luck to Anita Harish for all her future endeavors.

Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India 2023 Odisha 2024

Mrs India 2023 2024 Incredible Mamta Patel

Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India 2023 2022 Finalist Mamta Patel from Odisha is crowned as Mrs India Incredible 2023 2022 at National Grand Finals of Mrs India .10th Year Season of Official Mrs India was hosted from 29-Jan-2023 to 1-Feb-2023 at Ranthambore’s Clarks Inn Suits by Deepali Phadnis Director of Mrs India Pageants where 30 Mrs India Finalist from three Different Age Categories participated in Three Age Groups. Mrs India Promotes Sustainable life style in various ways , like Eating Millets grains , Awareness About Textile Pollution , Promotion of Handlooms , Organic Living ,Eco Tourism and Travel . For the Year 2022 2023 Mrs India supported Conservation of Wild life and Consumption of Millets in diet.

Mrs India Incredible 2023 2022

Mrs India 2023 Jungle Safari Dress

Mrs India 2023 2024 Jungle Safari Fashion Walk Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Mrs India 2023 2024 promotes Conservation of Wild Life

Mrs India has always promoted sustainable lifestyle in various ways , Wildlife makes major part of our Ecosystem and to maintain that equilibrium each and every creature must be protected .So Mrs India 2023 2024 finalists promoted Conservation of wildlife in National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2023 2022 with Safari Round dedicated to Ranthambore National Tiger reserve  .Mrs India Finalist walked the Ramp with beautiful massages dressed in Jungle Safari dress while accessorized Safari dress with Jungle equipment’s like binocular , Hats , sticks , compass , bags, scarfs . Jungle Safari look was made majestic with various types of boots and long boots.

Jungle Safari Dress of Mrs India Finalist 2023 2022

Mrs India 2023 2022 finalists looked dashing and smart while walking Mrs India’s Ramp in super stylish Jungle Safari look. During this round Mrs India Finalists carried various messages like Save Tigers, Stop Killing of Elephants or Taskers of Elephant teeth etc .
Mrs India Finalists gone on Jungle Safari to Ranthambore a Land of Tigers and one of National Tiger Reserve in India .

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve Trip of Mrs India 2023 2022

Mrs India Finalists were dressed in Jungle Safari Dress and did have a enchanting experience in Tiger Reserve which is also a Heritage destination in Rajasthan.
Mrs India Pageants has always worked to encourage sustainable lifestyle right from Fashion Restyling to address Textile Pollution, to use of Handlooms to optimal use of resources or conservation of wild life. When we speak about Wild life it’s not only limited to forests there is a wildlife around us that have started disappearing like Squirrels, sparrow, or parrots due to industrialization, mobile network which is disturbing the equilibrium of flora and fauna around us .
Mrs India believes that World is not only mean to live only for Humans , each and every creature should live in their own habitat .

Mrs India 2023 winner Mallika Billupati

Mrs India winner Mallika Billupati to represent India in Sofia Bulgaria

Mrs India Winner Mallika Billupati

Mrs India winner is not about being a Queen , Its a responsibility , a national responsibility . Out of Billions from India , its only official Mrs India have a opportunity to represent India on truly International Platform where other Nationals represent their nation .

From past 10 Years Mrs India winners are representing India on various International Platforms , for the Year Mrs India 2021 2022 We crwoned Mallika Billupati as Mrs India 2021 2022 Winner and Dr Anita Mishra as Mrs India 2021 200 Winner in Classic Catagory .

Mrs India 2023 winner Mallika Billupati

Mrs India Winner

Mrs India 2021 2022 Winner Mallika Billupati is representing India on Mrs Planet 2022 in Sofia Bulgaria from 9thJuly till 16th July .

Mrs India Winner is so exited to represent India and fully prepared , Right from her costumes to every look her wardrobe is designed . Our Queen is enjoying the Scenic Bulgaria in full zoom .

“Finally after two Years of Hardwork finally I am here as Mrs India Winner ”

Mrs India 2023 winner 2022 Mallika Billupati

Mrs India Mallika Billupati

Mrs India Winner Mallika Billupati has worked on her every aspect , from fitness ,food , fashion to Costumes for various rounds right from state Pageant to Mrs India 2021 2022 Nationals to now international at Mrs Planet .

This is the first time she has traveled abroad , generally people travel for leisure but our Queen is on duty that’s what makes her a Queen .

Leaving her Son behind in India while she will do Honor of representing India was a made up of mixed feelings , excitement of being at next level of Mrs India and separation from Child though for q 10 Days its still difficult . However National responsibility comes first .

Exclusivity of being on Official Mrs India is an opportunity. It is not everyone that get represent India , Today I truly feel one in Billions of married Woman , its an honor , a Joy and loads of responsibilities and ton of excitement all racing in my heart together . I cannot explain my feelings of being here at Sofia Bulgaria .

Mrs India 2023 winners 2022

Mrs India Winner Looking forward

I am so looking forward to have wonderful week at Mrs India , Many rounds , costumes ,new friends and interaction with National from various nations is going to be a Fantastic experience  .

Here at Mrs India we are so proud of our Queen , Mrs India winner Mallika Billupati and equally exited to follow our Queen on her International Journey . SO stay tuned and follow only Official Mrs India  on Our Facebook Page , Instagram and YouTube  

Mrs India 2023 winner 2022 Mallika Billupati


10 Glorious Years of Mrs India …..




mrs india 2022 finalist winner anu agrawal

mrs india 2022 peshwai look Mrs India Corporate Queen Anu Agrawal

Mrs India 2022 

Mrs India 2022 Meet our very Own Peshwin Bai , Mrs India Corporate Queen Anu Agrawal draped her self in 9 Yards of  Royalty Nauvari. A Royal Attire of Peshwas  .

There are several types of Nauvari drapes , that Woman of Maharashtra draped as per their profession , community and occasion . Be it going on war or being to religious event , performance or to attend wedding drapes of Nauvari changed to match the moment .

So to match the occasion of Mrs India 2021 National Finals in Royal Rajasthan our Corporate Queen decided to match the occation to represent her states Royalty of Maharashtra in Royal Rajasthan .  thats why our Beauty with brains Top 12 Mrs India 2021 is Crowned as Mrs India Corporate Queen .

Mrs India 2021 2022 Finalist Anu Agrawal draped herself in Peshwa Style of Nauvari which has significant waterfall pleats in front . Moslty Royal Woman of Maratha know horse ridding , Swords and they use to join wars . Nauvari was very comfortable for doing all brave actions at the same time this drape embraced feminity of Woman giving them comfort . Water fall pleats was signature of Peshwa Community who were Prime Ministers of Maratha Empire .

mrs india 2022 finalist winner anu agrawal

Lets Meet our Queen Mrs India Corporate Queen 2021 Anu Agrawal in her own words

“Nauvari saree is a 9-yard saree worn by the women of Maharashtra. Even its name is originated from the word ‘Nauvari’, which means 9-yards.
Shahi Saree is also referred to as Peshwai Nauvari Saree. Historical references of Maharashtra ,state that in the 18th century  Peshwas ruled the Maratha Kingdom.This period is also known as peshwai, so the clothing style used by women of Peshwa kingdom is referred to as Peshwai Nauvari Saree. Peshwa women used to wore Nauvari saree made up of a variety of materials like Pathani saree in silk and gold, calico material from Broach Madhyapradesh side chanderi and gossamer and many more other materials.
As per Maharashtrian tradition, nauvari saree is also known as the ‘akhanda vastra’, which means it does not require any other clothing support like a petticoat. Indeed, this outfit is of extraordinary essentialness as ladies crosswise over different backgrounds have worn it.”