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mrs india 2022 finalisy

Mrs India 2022 Finalist 2021 Archana Jayram Tourism Queen

Mrs India 2022 

Mrs India 2021 2022 Finalist Archana Jayaram showcased diversity of Indian Heritage on single page .

It was quite educating and eye catching to see beauty and talent together on Mrs India National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2021 2022 which was hosted in City of Lakes Udaipur .

Mrs India promotes sustainable life style where Fabrics Play a major role , to take Textile Pollution awareness to another level Mrs India started promoting restyle and ruse of Fabrics and encouraging use of Handlooms . As Handlooms are not only our pride and heritage , handlooms are very environment friendly . Through Handlooms Mrs India celebrates Heritage , Tradition and supports artisans .

This beautiful aspect was so well represented by Archana Jayaram , who is Crowned as Mrs India Tourism Queen 2021 2022 .

mrs india 2022 tourism queen

As Mrs India Finalist 2021 2022 Archana Jayaram wore Handloom and carried Handloom wheel a Charkha a symbol of resistance and freedom fight .

Charkha is a symbol of revolution and synonymous with the power of self-reliance, perseverance, and determination.
The first Khadi fabric spun from Charkha was crafted as a ‘Swadeshi Movement’ to shun the foreign goods.

First Swadeshi movement was started in 1905 in Pune to banned Foreign Fabrics , time has come here  again we appeal to ban unnecessary purchase and use of fabrics . As long as possible embrace Indian Handlooms , Handlooms are not only Beautiful , they are unique master pieces loomed by artisans . By using Handlooms we are not only looking Beautiful but helping artisans family , saving our heritage , supporting art and off course safe guarding our Planet , as we have no planet B .

mrs india 2022 finalist

Mrs India Finalist Archana Jayaram showcased diversity of Indian Handlooms from every state ,so here our Tourism Queen has given you many choices to pick from ,So what are you waiting for ?here present our Mrs India Tourism Queen 2021 Archana Jayaram and her message to promote and use Handlooms .

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Mrs Madhulika Rawat Wife of Gen Bipin Rawat in words Jyoti Rupal

Mrs Madhulika Rawat Wife of Gen Bipin Rawat in words Jyoti Rupal

Tribute to Mrs Madhulika Rawat wife of Late Gen Bipin Rawat by Mrs India

Mrs Madhulika Rawat is legendry example of What it takes to be an Army wife .  Gracefully she devoted her life in the service of Indian army as wife of Gen Bipin Rawat. First Lady of Defence Services of India ,She became the first president of the Defence Wives Welfare Association (DWWA), upon the creation of the post and the appointment of General Bipin Rawat as the first CDS.

Very Charming and cheerful personality is what Jyoti Rupaal remembers about her. She was so happy and excited about me winning Mrs India, I was invited to meet her at the Presidents Office of AWWA  in Delhi, That time She was the president of the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) during Gen Bipin Rawat’s tenure as Chief of Army Staff , she wished me luck in my endeavor  and offered whole hearted support in my journey. she epitomize this statement When Women support each other, incredible things happen . She is an inspiration to every married Woman of India, especially Army Wives. Mrs Madhulika Rawat was very active on her services towards AWWA.

Very much devoted to her service and dedicated wife. This devastating accident is a huge loss to  our nation, and today the entire nation is in grief stricken over loss of our brave Soldiers,

Mrs Madhulika Rawat herself was not less than a Soldier, she was the strength and support behind her husband ,who stood bedsides  him till the last moment, Beautiful as wife . It’s an emotional moment, she will always be in our memories. Life gave me an opportunity to be in the company of  such a Legendry woman, who has been inspiration to one and all.

Deep heartedly Mrs India family pays a tribute to Brave Hearts who lost their lives in the Chopper Crash. Nation will always remember your services.

She worked to make the wives of defense personnel financially independent. She was also involved with NGOs and welfare associations such as Veer Naris that assists widows of military personnel, differently-abled children and cancer patients.

deepali phadnis 2021 mrs india 2022

mrs india 2021 predictions by tarot card reading 2022

Free Predictions of 2021 on Mrs India

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Mrs India 2021 2022 presents Predictions of 2021 on Mrs India with Deepali Phadnis by Former Mrs India Winner Radhika Tejpal who is Tarot Card Reader , Know the Do’s and Don’ts of the Year ahead as a guide to help plan the things in Year 2021 .This video is about Energies of the Year 2021 not astrology or Destiny . This shows how coming year will be and how you need to match your energies with the energies of the Year 2021 #Predictions2021 #MrsIndia2021 #RadhikaTejpal

mrs india 2021 2022

mrs india 2021 2022 Warrior Goddess Garima Dixit

Mrs India 2021 2022

Mrs India Celebrates Navratri 2020 , Festival of Womanhood and strength of Woman Power . When We Celebrate this powerful festival Mrs India cannot miss on our Queen Warrior, An Avatar of Goddess that makes us proud every time we see that Hat and a Lady in Uniform . Lady how truly believes that sky is the limit and who can challenge those limits. Who also flown from Mrs India Punjab to Mrs India like Queen . Her Journey from the Hat of flying officer to Crown of Mrs India is been incredibly inspiration .

mrs india 2021 2022 deepali phadnis
Garima Dixit Mrs India Warrior Queen


Meet our gorgeous Queen can walk the ramp and fly high at the same time  Captain Garima Dixit. This Beautiful Mother chose to fly high to serv nation as a warrior . Our Queen defiantly know how to strike a balance while flying high she have not forgotten how to be grounded be it a loving mother , adorable daughter or a fabulous wife she know how to strike a perfect balance .

mrs india 2021 2022

Garima Dixit is very cheerful , love to dance and yes a vivid food lover . On this Navratri we wish our Queen all the love and luck . Keep flying higher and higher you every Indian Woman Proud of you , you are an inspiration to every Woman out there .


mrs india 2021 2022 deepali phadnis 2023Mrs India is Celebration of Beauty In Diversity and commitment to break the stenotypes coz Mrs India believes that every woman is Beautiful and every woman should feel Beautiful .

If You have missed our Tete-A-Tete with Queen here you go


Mrs India 2020 2021 Winner 2019

Mrs India 2020 2021 Winner 2019

What is Mrs India ?

Mrs India 2019 2020 winner Priyanka Abhishek to represent India on Mrs Planet 2019

Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner Priyanka Abhishek who was Crowned at Seventh Edition of Mrs India by Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd Directed by Deepali Phadnis on 16th September 2019 at Chennai .Sixty Mrs India 2019 2020 Finalists participated from across India participated ,where they undergone various rounds , grooming and training sessions right from Traditional Art to Martial art , Hair Make-up and various theme oriented Photo and Video shoots which are very Signature of Mrs India Pageants .

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Mrs India 2020 Apply Now

Who is Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner ?

Mrs India 2019 2020 Priyanka Abhishek is Aesthetic Dental Surgeon, National Level High Board diver, Mother of Two is totally Artist at heart. She is Fine Art Speed Glitter painter which is one of rarest art forms across the World. She showcased her art of painting in Talent Round hosted at Mrs India 2019 2020 National Grand Finale where she finished her Glitter Painting in just 90 Seconds which is record itself. Upside Down Speed Glitter Painting is forte of Mrs India 2019 2020.

Now after winning National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2019 2020, Priyanka Abhishek is all set to represent India on World Finals of Mrs Planet to be hosted in Sofia Bulgaria from 2-November 2019 till 9th November .

Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner

On this prestigious platform Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner will continue to work on same Social Cause of save environment. Mrs Planet Pageant has as well dedicated to bring awareness about Environmental pollution which is very much in line with Mrs India Pageants social cause project.

This Year Mrs India Pageants took this awareness cause to entirely new level and brought a big change in Mrs India Pageants, after all Its all about breaking the StereotypesDeepali Phadnis Mrs India Pageants Director.

Deepali Phadnis Mrs India Pageants Director

In the Year 2019 Mrs India has yet again proved that Mrs India is just not a Models she is a Role Models. Breaking the tradition of National / Ethic wear Mrs. Deepali Phadnis, has sounded the bugle for a war on textile pollution. She has called for a paradigm shift in how we buy, use and dispose clothes. “Restyle” is a radical concept of redesigning and reusing existing clothes available with us so as to reduce the generation of textile pollutants.

Mrs India 2019 2020 World Premium Gateway

In this round Priyanka Abhishek draped two sarees which are more than 90 Years Old .These sarees are her Heritage that she received from her Great Great Mother in law after wedding as sign of heritage perseverance .Wearing these saris on my most important moment of life on Mrs India 2019 2020 Grand finale was best thing ever happened in my life . I felt like I am wearing blessings of my Great Mother in law as I was very close to her specially after coming first time to my new home.

Deepali Phadnis Mrs India 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Deepali Phadnis Ujala Sabharwal Mrs India 2019 Winner Priyanka

Mrs India 2019 2020 Inspirational

Being painter at heart she wanted to give tribute to Legendry Painter Raja Ravi Verma , Which she gave in her Own Unique way this time she didn’t paint ,but walked herself like a painting . Her Unique look inspired by Raja Ravi Varma’s painting of Maharashtrian Woman was so refreshing and breath taking .She looked like Animated Doll with Neck Movements and sparkling eyes .

“Reduce, Reduce and Restyle initiative my Mrs India Pageant under Deepali Phadnis is very innovative that brings emotions in clothing and tells stories, it’s like our clothing is just not possession its preservation of our Culture , Family values ,Heritage and top of all our Environment “ said Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner Priyanka Abhishek .

Mrs India 2019 Winner 2020

Before flying to Sofia Bulgaria for Mrs Planet 2019, Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner Priyanka Abhishek shared that she will be reusing as much as of her clothing to stay in line with Mrs India Pageants plan to reduce, reuse and restyle. At World Finals of Mrs Planet 2019 more than 30 Countries will be participating. Along with delegates from across the World Mrs India 2019 2020 winner Priyanka Abhishek will be competing in Various rounds and will be showcasing her contribution about environmental awareness Infront of World and Government Authorities of Sofia Bulgaria.

Mrs India 2019 2020 feels most fortunate to represent India at World Finals of Mrs Planet 2019, An opportunity to represent a nation of 1.3 Billion People is one in Billion, I am so exited and look forward to be part of twelfth Edition of Mrs Planet. It was my dream all my life, Today I am living my dream. This would not have been possible without unconditional love and support of my Family, my loving husband who always stood by my side. I would like to thank my sister for her unending support which she extended keeping her own priorities on back seat. My two little angles my Daughters are my inspiration, who always encourages me to better and better every next day.  I truly believe blessings of Parents and In laws are truly magical, I am able to reach today where I am only because I do have a Wonderful Family support behind me. I cannot thank them enough who took care of my Daughters whenever I was away from home to participate in Pageant and till date they continue to support me. I feel I am fortunate and I will continue to work on conservation of Nature and bring awareness about Climate Change.

Mrs India 2020 2021 C Krishna Chetty Group of Jewllar (2)

Participating Mrs India Pageants was my dream, Wining Mrs India 2019 2020 is reality which I will cherish all my life with utmost responsibility. Jai Hind!

What is Mrs India ?

Mrs India™ is Trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd, Directed by Deepali Phadnis Mrs Asia International 2012 Winner. From year of its establishment in the Year 2013 Winners of Mrs India Pageants represented India on World’s Most Prestigious and Premium Beauty Pageants for Married Woman, Making its India’s Only gateway to World’s Premium Beauty Pageants. Mrs India Pageants is only Pageants that have excellent have track record of Winning Many International titles, Including Three International titles in one Single Year. Mrs India Pageants is only Pan in Pageant that hosts State Level Pageants and Nation-wide Auditions to select its Finalists. In the Year 2019 Mrs India in association with Fashion India® and Tourism Queen worked together to bring attention towards Local Tourism with intent to bring boom to local economy by Tourism and Fashion India to bring awareness about Textile Pollution. Each and Every Mrs India 2019 2020 Finalists is worked on Tourism Queen and Textile Awareness project .Mrs India represent India at Mrs Asia International , Mrs Planet and Mrs Tourism Queen International .

During their reign at Mrs India 2019 2020 all Mrs India Winners, Ambassadors and Subtitle Winners will continue to work on Reduce, ReUse and ReStyle of Fabrics and bring Textile Pollution awareness along with Social Cause which is close to their heart. Mrs India Pageants is proud of all our Mrs India 2019 2020 Finalists, Winner, Ambassadors and will continue to support our Queens in all possible endeavours.

Mrs India 2020 2021 Winner Mrs India 2019 Priyanka Abhishek Celebrates

Mrs India 2020 2021 Winner Mrs India 2019 Priyanka Abhishek Celebrates

Mrs India 2020 2021 :

Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner Priyanka Abhishek Celebrated her success party along with Queen Sisters of Mrs India Pageants recently in presence of Mrs India Pageants Director Deepali Phadnis and Mrs India Regional Director Pratiabha Saunshimath .

Priyanka Abhishek was joined by all lovely and beautiful Queens of Mrs India who are living reign at 2019 2020 and former Queens.

Last Minute gathering of Queens was Beautiful affair , Queens made their appearances in Beautiful dresses and all raised the Toast for Friendship , a relation that will never fade away even after they complete their reign at Mrs India .As rightly said Mrs India is Family that stays together forever .

As it was weekend and last Minute plan everyone could not make it , but our Lovely Former Classic Mrs Asia International Charming 2018 Kajol Bhatia made her presence red hot in her Red Gown .Along with Former Mrs India South 2018 Mamtha Kademani chose glitter Sheath Dress .

Our reigning Mrs India Corporate Queen 2019 Bhavya Shrivastva choose quirky floral outfit matching to her bubbly attitude .

Our Mrs India Remarkable 2019 2020 – Lasya Raju made sure she leaves a Mark in Party with her Dazzling dance moves and Queen was dressed in Dark Maroon Velvet dress

Mrs India Glamorous  Diva 2019 2020 Nandini Chandrasekhar , looked Gorgeous in Skin hugging glitter gown that matched her Crown and Personality

Mrs India Personality Queen 2019  Madhumati Tippimath made appearance on run , As she was on busy schedule but looked powerful in Single Shoulder Red attire accessorized with Zircons Necklace .

Mrs India Karnataka Inner Beauty Kritika made quite a note worthy presence in Blue dress ,enjoyed meeting all the ladies of Mrs India and did have a great time ,

Last but not least star of the Party was certainly Sister of Mrs India 2019 Priyanka Abhishek Pavithra who made everyone feel special with her attention and unlimited supply of Music ,Fun and Food .

It was quite a Glamorous evening full of Laughter , Dance and loads and loads of talk . As Rightly said when Woman support each other wonderful things happen . We Love You all Beautiful Queens of Mrs India , We will be soon start going around the India and all our Queens from across nation will Connect over Food Connect . See Soon !

Mrs India 2019 2020 Queens Gala

Mrs India 2019 2020 Queens Gala :

Mrs India 2019 2020 Dinner Break