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mrs india 2022 finalisy

Mrs India 2022 Finalist 2021 Archana Jayram Tourism Queen

Mrs India 2022 

Mrs India 2021 2022 Finalist Archana Jayaram showcased diversity of Indian Heritage on single page .

It was quite educating and eye catching to see beauty and talent together on Mrs India National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2021 2022 which was hosted in City of Lakes Udaipur .

Mrs India promotes sustainable life style where Fabrics Play a major role , to take Textile Pollution awareness to another level Mrs India started promoting restyle and ruse of Fabrics and encouraging use of Handlooms . As Handlooms are not only our pride and heritage , handlooms are very environment friendly . Through Handlooms Mrs India celebrates Heritage , Tradition and supports artisans .

This beautiful aspect was so well represented by Archana Jayaram , who is Crowned as Mrs India Tourism Queen 2021 2022 .

mrs india 2022 tourism queen

As Mrs India Finalist 2021 2022 Archana Jayaram wore Handloom and carried Handloom wheel a Charkha a symbol of resistance and freedom fight .

Charkha is a symbol of revolution and synonymous with the power of self-reliance, perseverance, and determination.
The first Khadi fabric spun from Charkha was crafted as a ‘Swadeshi Movement’ to shun the foreign goods.

First Swadeshi movement was started in 1905 in Pune to banned Foreign Fabrics , time has come here  again we appeal to ban unnecessary purchase and use of fabrics . As long as possible embrace Indian Handlooms , Handlooms are not only Beautiful , they are unique master pieces loomed by artisans . By using Handlooms we are not only looking Beautiful but helping artisans family , saving our heritage , supporting art and off course safe guarding our Planet , as we have no planet B .

mrs india 2022 finalist

Mrs India Finalist Archana Jayaram showcased diversity of Indian Handlooms from every state ,so here our Tourism Queen has given you many choices to pick from ,So what are you waiting for ?here present our Mrs India Tourism Queen 2021 Archana Jayaram and her message to promote and use Handlooms .

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