Mrs India 2017 Finalist Shubhi Grover Kapoor

Mrs India 2017 Finalist Shubhi Grover Kapoor

Mrs India 2018 :

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Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :

Mrs India  2018 2019 Finalist Shubhi Grover
Mrs India 2017 Finalist Shubhi Grover

What motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :I love my work and I put my 100% into everything. The idea of exploring new things at work and doing interesting projects motivates me. I have understood that life is made up of small things, and every day I wake up to embrace these small things. Writing these responses is something that I have taken joy in.

Your most memorable moment with Mrs. India 2017

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :Back stage, bonding with the fellow contestants. It was a very different experience for me as everyone were so excited, talking about their interests and beauty habits, not focusing on their responsibilities as a wife or a mother or a daughter. Just being themselves even after marriage, which I believe is really important. The moment I was made to wear the Mrs. India sash was a moment of victory – it made me feel special.  I cherish those moments the most.

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If you can swap a role of one person from family who that would be and why?

 Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :  I think that would be Abhinav, my husband. I have always wondered how it is to live with a person who is “me” and understand how I am perceived. That aim would be to better myself. The second person would be my mother/father. I want to know how she/he stays calm in a fast and noisy world.

What do you do when you are not working?

 Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :In today’s time, you are required to work 24/7. But, I do ensure that I have some free time with me when I can read books, get some entertainment, and spend good time with my near and dear ones. Other than trying to invest in myself when I’m not working, meeting my friends and family is what I enjoy the most.

How would you describe yourself in one Word? And why?

  Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :Social. As a PR expert, I think I would best describe myself as a social person. An extrovert since childhood, I have always found myself getting out of my comfort zone and pitching up a conversation with people – that’s what inspires me as a professional. I even have a online apparel boutique and a fashion/beauty blog for fashion forward audience by the name of “Social Butterfly”.

Who inspires you and why?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 : My inspiration is my mother. She has been the backbone of my family and fulfilled all her responsibilities with ease. The most important trait I feel I have inherited from her is the “Art of Balancing” Balancing family & work life, balancing me & my sister and so many other things that only a mother can do. She is the real role model for me and keeps inspiring me at every step of life.

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What is your favorite Quote and why?

 Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :I said this in my semi finals as well and shall reiterate – I am born to stand out & not fit in!

This has stayed with me since I was in school. This is one quote that defines me completely and holds true for me, it is the #1 quote that I quote in my day-to-day life every time I wake up in the morning. You can ask any friend of mine what my favorite quote is, and chances are, they will say it is this one.

What is Your Favorite Outfit?

 Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :Fashion for me is comfort, chic and classy at the same time. My all time favorite outfit is a saree – I love wearing and flaunting myself in a saree whenever I get an opportunity. I feel saree enhances the look of Indian beauty and compliments very well anyone who wears it. A saree is the most sexiest, elegant and graceful outfit in the complete range of various clothing/apparels.

If you want to go on Vacation what would be your plan?

 Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :I am someone who believes in planning the basics and letting the spontaneity take its course. Whether it is a vacation with the girls or with Abhinav or with my entire family, I do the planning bit – looking for the place, the stay, food and planning the itinerary. The sight-seeing part is usually done by them. The end to end planning for our Spanish honeymoon was done by me solely.

What is your spiritual practice?

 Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :An integral part of my morning routine, I meditate more than I pray. Sitting in my quiet room when the streets are less noisy, I close my eyes and think about nothing for 30 minutes. I just let my mind wander.

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