Mrs India 2017’s Journey from House Wife to Greenpreneur and Winning Crown

Mrs India 2017’s Journey from House Wife to Greenpreneur and Winning Crown

Mrs India 2018 :

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Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur

Mrs India 2017 winner Kalpana Thakur’s Documentary film from Housewife to social/ environmentalist & Mrs India journey”   . with special support from critically acclaimed and ever green Deepti Naval who ruled Art Cinema of Indian Film industry forever .

“When Woman support each other incredible things Happen”

Mrs India 2018 2017 Kalpana Thakur
Mrs India Winner Kalpana Thakur with Deepti Naval

Beautiful mind inspires many lives, inspiration that is timeless, beauty which is eternal and Woman who is incredible knows it very well that Empowered Woman can empower woman.

Please read about Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur and her incredible Contribution.

Mrs India 2017 received support from Deepti Naval

Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur received a heart-warming support and appreciation from Critically Acclaimed Actress Deepti Naval, Beautiful Doe Eyed Bollywood actress.

Multi-Talented Deepti Naval has empowered Woman with her every challenging role she played in her roles emphasizing Woman’s related issues, attention that Woman need to empower a society. Her Remarkable role in Movie “Mirch Masala” is one of most memorable and impact is so deep that made many Woman think about their existence and question themselves why should we follow social beliefs blindly.

Deepti Naval Super Talented ,Multifaceted

Well Beautiful Deepti Naval is just not an actress, she is painter, Photographer. Deepti Naval works is being displayed in many exhibition and received applaud from all over the World.

Mrs India 2018 2017 Kalpana ThakurMMrs India 2017 is Green Queen :

So it was no Wonder when Deepti Naval came forward to support likeminded Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur who is tirelessly working to fight against Climate Change of Himalayan Valleys, A Beauty with Heart who is from beautiful Valleys of Manali is active on “Save Manali Project”

Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur who is Greenpreneur, Green Activist and Green educationist has received tremendous support from all walks of life for her cause, Right from School Children’s ,house wives ,politicians , IPS officers  everyone is with our Queen to save further degradation of Valleys of Himanchal Pradesh .

Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur:

Mrs India 2017’s work on Waste to Best :

Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur have articulated waste management and show cased her dedication towards this cause when she showcased Her Traditional Costume and traditional accessories of Lahul-Spiti made from Waste. She walked with living message of Waste Management which is one of most difficult issue World is facing which is not only causing Climate change but many health Hazards that is leading endless list of diseases, destroying forests, disturbing wild life and reason for sufferings of Animals.

Mrs India 2017’s National Costume out of Waste :

Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakurs work is been appreciated nationally and Queen has received numerous awards and recognition, this time National Television Doordarshan DD Channel has decided to cover Queens work on Going Green .

Mrs India 2017 on No 1  National News Channel


Inspirational work of Mrs India Winner Kalpana Thakur will be covered in 30 Minutes of Documentary film which will be shown in Shimla thereafter on National Television .

During this Project of capturing Inspirational story of ” Housewife to social/ environmentalist & Mrs India journey” Beautiful Deepti Naval joined to support her cause and multiplied drive of Project by thousand time .

Mrs India Pageants is Thankful :

Mrs India Pageants is thankful to DD Channel, Special Thanks to beautiful Deepti Naval for her kind and selfless support.

We all are eagerly waiting for Short film made on our Mrs India Kalpana Thakur and her journey ” Housewife to social/ environmentalist & Mrs India journey”

Mrs India Winner Kalpana Thakur’s Crowing Ceremony :



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