Mrs India 2018 2017 Rinku Bhagat Finalst

Mrs India 2018 2017 Rinku Bhagat Finalst

Mrs India 2017 Finalist Rinku Bhagat

Mrs India 2018 Beauty With Heart


Empowered Woman can empower Woman, because Woman with freedom, education and independence is woman of stability and strength who can help the fellow woman to get empowered.

Mrs India 2018 2917 Rinku Bhagat

Mrs India : A Woman with Strenght

As rightly said Toughest Ladies You Will Ever Meet are ones who Stand behind Our Soldiers …. Yes Brave Army Wives. No wonder this strength of Mrs India 2017 Finalist Rinku Bhagat‘s comes from being an Army Wife. While My husband serves our nation at Indian Army I work for Woman’s Empowerment and equal rights on ground.

Mrs India 2018 2017 2019Mrs India 2017 Finalist Rinku Bhagat is such a force who is leading from ground, who believes when Woman’s empowerment is very thread of Society, Empowered Woman is Empowered society but for that Woman of from every stratum of society should have strength and Courage to stand for herself.

Mrs India 2017 2018Rinku believes that strong woman stands on two pillars education and independence. She makes sure that she is working on to strengthening both these Pillars with not only with passion with compassion’s. Mrs India Finalist Rinku Bhagat goes deep down to society where Woman Empowerment is needed to most .

Rinku Bhagat is literally walks down to Villages to Slums wherever she thinks that she can help and make difference to their life. Right from educating Children’s about Climate change to education for Girl child in financially weak strata of society.

Mrs India Finalist Rinku Bhagat understands that Housewives who not only need to educate children but has to run that family and for them there is no strength than Financial independence. Rinku helps them get trained on making Art and Crafts as they cannot invest much to start business or find a decent work due to lack education.

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One thing that worth noticing about Rinku is her deep sense of belonging towards Mother Earth, being from Valleys she have conscious feeling towards Environment, So whenever its possible she will try to make-up environment friendly training . We can see that her work is rooted to ground it always touched with Indian Art, Culture and environment friendly.

Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhagat

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We all are so proud of our Mrs. India Finalist who is not only a beautiful face who not only believes but practices “Service to Mankind is Service to God “

Rinku Bhagat is Mrs India 2017 Himanachal Runner up who will be participating at Mrs India 2017 National Grand Finale

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