Mrs India 2018 2017- Shalini Chandrasekhar Girls Child’s Safety

Mrs India 2018 2017- Shalini Chandrasekhar Girls Child’s Safety

Mrs India 2017 – Shalini Chandrasekhar on Girls Child’s Safety

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Success of Civilized nation is measured by degree of Woman Empowerment and Enlightenment.  How can we empower a Woman if she faces Child abuse at tender age ?

Mrs India 2018 2017

A Noble line by Noble Nelson Mandela

“There Can be No Keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way it treats its Children .”

But recent incidents with Girl Child in a School that is supposed to be most safe place are real concern, which are not only disturbing but alarming that Our Girl Child is not safe . Not to mention Gild Child victim faces life long consequences which is not only emotional scars or Physical Scars but impact on future well-being. This will result in lower educational attainment which defiantly impacts in future of Children and family. Sometimes consequences are irreversible that as an adult they will commit serious offence or crime that can ruin entire life of Child and others.

Mrs India 2018 2017 Child So preventing Violence and Abuse against girls at School is first step we as responsible citizen should take, well this is not easy as said but need strict on ground preventive steps. Everyone right from Children, Parents, maids and School Authorities should be made aware about this and their responsibility.

Mrs India Finalist 2017 and Mrs India 2017 South Runner -up Shalini Chandrasekhar decided to address this issue and working on it. Shalini says as Children’s spent more time in School than anywhere it’s very important that schools are Safe for our Children’s and she started visiting schools personally bring awareness about Safety.

Mrs India 2018 2017 Finalist Shalini Chandra Shekhar“According to the UN Convention, the child is in constant need of protection; he or she can never be outside anyone’s guardianship” informed Shalini Chandrasekhar .

Shalini taught them to understand the difference between good touch and bad touch. During her work what Shalini notices is Most of times School’s do not consider its their accountability to keep School environment safe . Many schools avoid their legal and ethical responsibilities of Child safety which is very serious issue as each and every person in education system should be responsible and accountable to give Child a Secure and safe place .

Mrs India 2018 2019 Finalist Shalini Chandra Shekhar
Mrs India 2017 Finalist Shalini Chandra Shekhar

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Shalini noticed that mostly schools for Children’s from lower income families never address this issue and most of times goes unnoticed so Mrs India Finalist 2017 Shalini Chandrasekhar made point that she Educates Woman ,specially mothers of Girl Child about how to keep Girl Child Safe and preventive steps to ensure it  .

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Shalini educated girls and mothers about Child Line 1098 a Helpline and emphasized on Child Protection Policy in Schools. Gave guidelines to protect Our Girl Child from Child abuse.

We at Mrs India are very proud of Shalini Chandrasekhar for taking this initiative as being Woman and Mother its first and foremost responsibility to protect our child and give a safe and healthy envoirment where she can grow without any fear . After all she is Future of our Nation . Safe Woman makes a better society and being Queen she is taking this responsibility .

After looking at Shalini Chandrasekhar’s efforts Mrs India have come-up few Guidelines that we all should consider to make Safe Nation for Girl Child.

  1. Being a Parent it is First responsibility of Parent enquire and learn about capacity of safe environment by School  before giving admission to Child
  2. Read every document before you sign for School Authorities ,many times School Authorities try to avoid their responsibility of Child safety .Never sign such document .Make other parents aware about it .Take every step that school remove such Documents ,Make sure School takes full responsibility
  3. Educate your Child about Good and Bad Touch
  4. Always stay approachable to Child and address even minor issues Child is reporting
  5. Never ignore child’s concern to not to go to school
  6. Never hesitate to report it to local Authorities and Call Child Helpline if you notice Chile abuse to any Children

Let’s make Safe Haven for our Gild Child, Because she is going to make a Stronger Nation and better place to live .

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