Mrs India 2018 2019 Annapurna

Mrs India 2018/2019

Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd Proudly Presents Sixth Edition of Mrs India PageantMrs India 2018  India’s One and Only National Pageant for Married Woman . Mrs India 2018 Finalist for Theme Crown of Mrs India 2018.

Mrs India Pageants is the only existing Pageant in India for married Woman that hosts Nationwide Auditions and State Level Pageants on floor and then select Most Beautiful Indian Married Woman as Mrs India Finalist.

After long and tough selection process of here We present Mrs India 2018 Finalists who have been selected from Nationwide Auditions and Grandeur of Mrs India State Level Pageants .

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Lets Know our Mrs India 2018 Finalist :

  1. How you start your day?

Mrs India Finalist: I wake up between 4:45 A.M to 5.30 A.M depending on my schedule. I thank almighty for the abundance of blessings in my life before I get out of my bed. I have a local seasonal fruit and then do some preparation for food in the kitchen followed by weight training, yoga or running depending on my schedule. I make sure to kiss /hug my kids in case I am around them. I love music, so I make sure to take time to listen to my favourite music either on the way to gym or before yoga or while running. I then make a list of items I need to work during the day and prioritise them.

  1. Your most memorable moment of the Year 2018?

Mrs India Finalist: It is difficult to see one event as most memorable one. One of the moment was when I was announced the employee of the year by the organisation I work for. Even more memorable was the wishes from my friends cum colleagues who’s each and every word meant so much to me.  Another memorable moment was when I was given the title “Compassionate and Nurturing” on women’s day celebration by my organisation. Yet another moment was when some of the girls from my Facebook group mentioned they were able to forgive people because of the coaching I provided them. I felt blessed and thanked Almighty for having chosen me.

  1. What You would love to do in your free time?

Mrs India Finalist: I love music, so I listen to music. I read books related to self-growth, leadership, health and healing. I do grow some vegetables on the terrace when I can find time during the season.

  1. What is Your Favourite Outfit?

Mrs India Finalist: I Love Sarees and dresses. They are so comfortable and accentuate the woman in me.

  1. What is your favourite Vacation destination, How would you plan it ?

Mrs India Finalist: My favourite vacation destination is mountains. I love to spend time in the mountains in those valleys with streams and greenery everywhere, makes me feel near to God and at peace, healing all the stresses.

  1. If you can bring awareness about one Cause in the Society what that could be and Why?

Mrs India Finalist: Self-Love (being yourself). Yes, you read that right. The practice of giving others more priority than ourselves has done more harm than anything else. Every other person is dealing with stress, depression, looking for decisions from others, looking for approvals from others, trying to impress others, looking for happiness from others. Self-Love does not mean you are selfish. If you are happy from within, you will not look for happiness from outside throwing the unnecessary expectations on your loved ones. When you love yourself, you truly love everyone else, it just comes naturally while making sure you are not hurt by anyone. Because, when each one of us will take our own responsibilities, everything else will fall in to its place.

  1. What is Your Favourite Dish you love to relish anytime?

Mrs India Finalist: My favourite dish is rice with daal, ghee and papad or home made pickle.

  1. If you can eradicate one issue of the society what that could be?

Mrs India Finalist: Getting boys and girls married without even knowing the purpose of marriage, without them being mentally and physically prepared for it and without even thinking if the person they are marrying is meant for them or not. Such marriages have done so much harm to the people married along with their families involved and forget the impact on the kids who get raised under such circumstances.

Read this for my thoughts on the same .

  1. What is the Mantra of your Life?

Mrs India Finalist: To Love is to Live! Love makes life worthy.

Love is the courage to overcome fears

Love is the antidepressant

Love is Gratitude

Love gives all the happiness in the world

Love is faith and patience when you are on the verge of giving up

  1. One New thing that You want to learn

Mrs India Finalist: I want to learn natural healing processes and practices. I have witnessed so many people dealing with so many diseases physically and mentally that my heart bleeds. I am a person who believes there is no purpose in feeling their pain when you cannot help them. By Almighty’s grace I have come across many types of healings and will now commence a course in healing soon after the contest.