Mrs India 2018 2019 Anupama

Mrs India 2018 2019 Anupama

Mrs India 2018/2019

Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd Proudly Presents Sixth Edition of Mrs India PageantMrs India 2018  India’s One and Only National Pageant for Married Woman . Mrs India 2018 Finalist for Theme Crown of Mrs India 2018.

Mrs India Pageants is the only existing Pageant in India for married Woman that hosts Nationwide Auditions and State Level Pageants on floor and then select Most Beautiful Indian Married Woman as Mrs India Finalist.

After long and tough selection process of here We present Mrs India 2018 Finalists who have been selected from Nationwide Auditions and Grandeur of Mrs India State Level Pageants .

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Lets Know our Mrs India 2018 Finalist :

  1. How you start your day?

Mrs India Finalist:  I start my day with a warm glass of water with aloe vera. Than i head to gym for my regular workout.

  1. Your most memorable moment of the Year 2018?

Mrs India Finalist: My moment of the year when I was crowned Winner Mrs India Rajasthan 2018 n my 2 year old daughter and 9 year old son started running towards me to congratulate. they were thrilled and excited. that moment still runs in my mind and make me smile again n again

  1. What You would love to do in your free time?

Mrs India Finalist: My free time is my actual quality time  and it comes with my favourite people my kids and family. Playing, cuddling, lot of noise. messed up house i just love it. Meaningful meditation happens with kids. If i am not with kids, I love to read.

  1. What is Your Favourite Outfit?

Mrs India Finalist: Something very comfortable to wear and carry like a cotton T shirt and an easy fit jegging or even a fancy payjama. But for parties i love Indo western dresses.

  1. What is your favourite Vacation destination, How would you plan it ?

Mrs India Finalist: I love travelling anytime of the year. Its even thrilling when unplanned. A frequent traveller, love to go to Europe again n again. I would plan it during my kids vacation time with focussing on both kids friendly and scenic beauty places.

  1. If you can bring awareness about one Cause in the Society what that could be and Why?

Mrs India Finalist: Health and Hygiene. Its my mission to educate people about drawbacks of not taking care of their health. Body is our house, that supports u lifetime. so its v important to keep it healthy for our own well being.

  1. What is Your Favourite Dish you love to relish anytime?

Mrs India Finalist: Its my mommys cooked dishes. whenever i eat with her, forget my calorie counting. Its her love that makes dishes relishing. Otherwise i am food neutral person.

  1. If you can eradicate one issue of the society what that could be?

Mrs India Finalist: Gender Discrimination

  1. What is the Mantra of your Life?

Mrs India Finalist: We get only one life so love ur dreams , chase ur dreams and live ur dreams irrespective of age. Make urself deserving for whatever u desire with hard work

  1. One New thing that You want to learn

Mrs India Finalist: I want to learn music.

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