Mrs India 2018 2019 Shradha

Mrs India 2018/2019

Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd Proudly Presents Sixth Edition of Mrs India PageantMrs India 2018  India’s One and Only National Pageant for Married Woman . Mrs India 2018 Finalist for Theme Crown of Mrs India 2018.

Mrs India Pageants is the only existing Pageant in India for married Woman that hosts Nationwide Auditions and State Level Pageants on floor and then select Most Beautiful Indian Married Woman as Mrs India Finalist.

After long and tough selection process of here We present Mrs India 2018 Finalists who have been selected from Nationwide Auditions and Grandeur of Mrs India State Level Pageants .

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Lets Know our Mrs India 2018 Finalist :

  1. How you start your day?

Mrs India Finalist: After a big smile and gratitude , I greet my mornings with  Luke warm water concoction – usually  infused with different herbs and spices for e.g. celery, parsley ,cumin ,mint ,barley etc. the choice depends on what I’ve eaten the previous night.

  1. Your most memorable moment of the Year 2018?

Mrs India Finalist: Professionally, my styling company – berry winters by shradha chawla, got associated with SOLTEE BY SULAKSHNA MONGA, one of the renowned brands. Working with them gave me a chance to style their brides and their shoots, model for them and work with their merchandise team. It stays close to my heart because i believe it helped me learn a lot.

Personally, everyday has been memorable in its own ways! With half of the year still to be enjoyed, I am looking forward to many such moments.

  1. What You would love to do in your free time?

Mrs India Finalist: I enjoy blogging and spend a lot of time on My page. Besides, I love fashion and take time out for national and  international runway shows. I take interest in reading sometimes as well, as also catching up on some tv series to keep the entertainment factor intact.

  1. What is Your Favourite Outfit?

Mrs India Finalist: I love my clothes and like wearing anything which is comfortable. my idea of favorite is comfort!

But if i were to point one in particular, it would be the outfit i chose for my engagement. It was a marsala coloured ball gown  by MANISH MALHOTRA from his 25 years in business collection. Felt like a dream.

  1.  What is your favourite Vacation destination, How would you plan it ?

Mrs India Finalist:  I think more than the destination, its the company that does it for me! my favorite vacation destination is anywhere in the world with my husband. I guess every new place teaches us something.! All the trips I have taken with my husband have been eventful and we’ve learnt something new about each other, every time we are out exploring a new place!

we just decide the place and pick the dates. Our to-do touristy things are usually unplanned and left for ‘in the moment’ decisions. We love adventure and the fun of not knowing what we will do, makes us spontaneous and fun! I believe in living the moment and I am very blessed that my partner and i are on te same page for that!

  1. If you can bring awareness about one Cause in the Society what that could be and Why?

Mrs India Finalist: awareness about LOVING ONESELF is one thing I would like people to understand. it is not important to be perfect or aspiring to be someone else. love who you are! it is so important to be kind to urself.

These days, there’s so much pressure around – to look in a certain way, dress up to please, do things conventionally that go well with the masses. in this process of pleasing, we tend to ignore our reality!

“Perhaps we should love ourself so fiercely that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done “ by Rudy Francisco a quote which explains my thought on this one!

The day people strike a coordination between their outer and inner self, the world will know its peace.

  1. What is Your Favourite Dish you love to relish anytime?

Mrs India Finalist: I love eating pesto/ marinara spaghetti its my all time favourite

  1. If you can eradicate one issue of the society what that could be?

Mrs India Finalist: If you can eradicate one issue of the society what that could be?

lets get together and eradicate ILLITERACY ! everything in this world is associated with it. just imagine our country when every child gets education – what a wonderful and beautiful place it would be.

Lack of education not only impacts a country but also has a bearing on ones personal life – their efforts, aspiration and dreams.

“PADEGA INDIA TABHI TO BADHEGA INDIA” what a beautiful thought. I stand by and for it . It probably is a great Solution to many problems that we as a nation face today.

  1. What is the Mantra of your Life?


  1. One New thing that You want to learn

Mrs India Finalist: Well i would love to overcome my fear of swimming and be able to swim like a mermaid .