Mrs India 2018 Auditions Telanagana success party

Mrs India 2018 Auditions Telanagana success party

Mrs India 2018 Auditions:

Mrs India 2018 Auditions – While Classic Mrs. India 2017 Mamta Trivedi is still basking herself in the Crowning glory of her Classic Mrs Asia International 2017 ,Mrs India’s Queen decided to gravitate her shoulders with more responsibility towards Mrs India and been appointed as regional Director of Mrs India Pageants for Telangana state .

Mrs India 2018 Telangana :

As rightly said :

Success Does not come to those who want it ,it comes to those who go and get it !

Mrs India 2018 Telangana :

Our Beautiful Classic Mrs India 2017/2018 winner Mamta Trivedi have proved her mettle on every front of life be it Family or Social Life who never missed herself from Celebrating Life and success to the fullest. From the moment beautiful Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2018 Telangana :

Mamta Trivedi have joined Mrs India Pageants, Queen is Celebrating her Crowning glory of Mrs. India 2017 in every possible way ,be it Celebrations as Cultural Ambassador of her State Telangana or promoting festivals of her State .but last weekend Classic Mrs India 2017 Mamta Trivedi had all together a different reason .

This time Classic Mrs India 2017 2018 Winner Mamta Trivedi Celebrated success party of Mrs India Telangana 2018 Auditions post launch of Mrs India Telangana, Queen launched just last month .

Mrs India 2018 Telangana :

Mamta Trivedi success has successfully conducted first round of Mrs India Telangana auditions. In spite of the short time, the response has been overwhelming. More than 75 people auditioned for Mrs India 2018 Telanahana, before registrations had to be stopped. A second round of Mrs India Telangana auditions is being planned on account of the huge response. The grand finale will be held in April 2018.

Celebrating the success over a get together of the City’s elite, Mrs. Mamta Trivedi emphasized that the success of the pageant can be attributed to its unique concept. Mrs. India Telangana celebrates beauty in diversity and believes that every woman is beautiful and must feel beautiful about herself, Mrs. India is all about breaking stereotypes of height, weight, colour or age.


Fashion Icon Shilpa Reddy !

On this occasion of success Hyderabad’s Fashion Icon and socialite Mrs. Shilpa Reddy, who herself is Fashion Designer, Fitness Enthusiast and Philanthropist, was the Chief Guest and spoke about women empowerment.

She emphasized that women need to express themselves and realize their potential. She appreciated the wonderful efforts being taken by Mrs. India Mamta Trivedi and expressed how much entire Telangana is proud of Mamta Trivedi.

Beautiful Shilpa Reddy at Mrs India Telanaga 2018 Success party :

Mrs. India Telangana promotes tradition, culture, art and festivals of Telangana. It is a part of Mrs. India Pageants and Productions Pvt. Ltd – India’s first, original and only national pageant for married women and gateway to World’s premium pageants. Mrs. Deepali Phadnis is the National Director of Mrs. India Pageants and Productions Pvt. Ltd. Any person who is crowned as Mrs. India Telangana will represent the state in the national grand finale of Mrs. India 2018

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