Mrs India 2018 Save Environment Winner Kalpana Thakur

Mrs India 2018 Save Environment Winner Kalpana Thakur

Mrs India 2017 Finalist Kalpana Thakur

Mrs India 2017 : Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur Being Responsible is first Quality a Leader should possess and Being Responsible Citizen of Earth it’s our responsibility towards to Mother Earth. One such responsible Queen from Beautiful Valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Who is Mrs India Himachal 2017 Winner.

Mrs India 2017/2018 Finalist Kalpana Thakur Being a Valley Dweller she have a strong sense of belonging towards her people and beautiful landscapes of Himanchal Pradesh for which not only takes the responsibility but working on it as She really Means it.

Queens Sense of of Belonging

Mrs India said Himachal Pradesh have one of Most beautiful and green Landscapes in India, however we all know Global Warming is fading away the Charm of our Beautiful Valleys. Being a Himachali Mrs. India 2017 Finalist Kalpana Thakur is working on ground to Conserve Energy and sustain the beauty of Valley with best possible efforts she can.

Beauty with Vision :

Kalpana Thakur have a vision to continue her work towards save environment through Mrs. India 2017 Platform.

Mrs India Kalpana strongly believes that if Today we can give anything to our coming Generations then it has to be a good environment to breath in , heathy Air to grown in and and pollution free resources to flourish in .

Mrs India 2018 Registrations

But words are easier than done, So Kalpana working towards it.She follows one Universal formula. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.Her work is been Noticed, Appreciated and celebrated in Himachal. Kalpana’s work towards Save environment is been noticed at National level and been broadcasted on India’s Leading News Channel Z News.

Charity Starts at Home :

Being a House wife, Mrs. India 2017 Finalist Kalpana Thakur strongly believes Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Mantra should first and foremost should be implemented at home and she does it how? lets have a look .

  • Avoid use of Plastic as much as you Can, Yes You can do it our ancestors did it why can’t we ?
  • Reuse Plastics in best possible way
  • Make sure you segregate recyclable waste and drop it at Recycle Bin
  • Electronic Waste should be strictly dropped at respective e-Waste Bins
  • Eat as much as Organic, if possible Grow your vegetables make sure you use No or Minimum pesticides
  • At Grocery Buy Products without packaging or minimum at it . Cloth Bags is best to carry.
  • Use disposables only in emergency or when you cannot make without it
  • Consider Car Pooling, take a pride in travelling Public Transport
  • Cycle down to your workplace and you not only go Green but healthy too
  • Turn Old Material to Art.

Well Turning Old Material to Art is unique Talent Kalpana Thakur owns and she is being bestowed with Many awards for her contributions towards her work. We at Mrs. India are very proud to have a Green Queen who has dedicated herself to save environment and bring difference to society in real sense. We wish her all the luck and looking forward with more and more Contribution on this Noble cause of Save Environment.


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