Mrs India 2021 2022 Finalists

Mrs India 2021 2022 Finalists Celebrates Navaratri Colors with Restyling Fashion and honoring the Heritage they received in the form of Clothing. Mrs India believes Fashion or Clothing is most powerful way of expression . Mrs India 2021 2022 Finalists Navratri Vibe was high on Nine Colors of Navratri .
White Color symbolizes new begging , power ,Purity , truth ,knowledge and learning . White is the Canvas of painting that gives a platform to express every color making it most powerful Color of Pallet . Single dirt can be caught on white Color makes it symbol of purity.
Calm and soothing feel of White Color is symbol of Peace , White Color never dominates any color hey can absorb all colors . White is the Color of Beginning as rainbow can be seen from ray of Light which is white .
White Color symbol of light ,hence hope and knowledge . Goddess Sarasvati is always depicted in White Saree , Goddess of Learning , Knowledge and wisdom .
One Navratri Mrs India Finalists Styled themselves in white to Celebrate this Beautiful Colorless Color White and used Clothing that they received from loved one or bought for special occasions.

Mrs India 2021 2022 Finalists

mrs india 2022 Winner 2021 Finalist North East

Mrs India

Mrs India Pageants and its Director Deepali Phadnis is working on Textile Pollution awareness , As Fashion is second largest contributor in textile Pollution

Mrs India 2021 2022 Finalists


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