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Mrs India 2022  , While today when World is talking about importance of Herbal medicine ,specially during Pandemic ,immunity has taken a center stage in our lives ,  India conquered this wisdom 1000s of years before with Ayurveda . India has gifted Ayurveda to living beings that can be implemented in our day to day life with ease . today along with pandemic lifestyle disorders are soaring its only lifestyle changes that can help us sustain this disaster .

mrs india 2022 Finalist Dr Padmaja Dasi

To address this issue , Mrs India Finalist 2021 Dr Padmaja Dasi showcased humble Tulasi plant at Mrs India’s Traditional Wear round , being a Ayurvedic Doctor herself she did not only conveyed Cultural Importance of Tulasi in Indian Household but as well educated us about Medicinal Value of Tulasi .

Dr Padmaja Dasi is Mrs India Runner up and Crowned Mrs India Influential 2021 , She has defiantly have influential persona and ability to help people with her compassion and knowledge about Ayurveda and importance of using herbal medication in our day to day life to improve our lifestyle .

Mrs India Finalist Dr Padmaja said Only in India we worship plants. Tulsi plant a Holy basil is one of it , Holy basil have significant importance in Indian house hold . This humble tree we worship for the reason .It has so many medicinal benefits .
Its an anti viral, useful in some skin problems and also immune booster.
In this pandemic situation immunity played a main role. whole together Ayurveda is the mother of Immunity . However Tulasi gets the center stage as we can plant Tulasi at our home , it can grow easily without much efforts . This Holy tree can be consumed as Tea or its leaves can be eaten raw . We can even add Tulasi leaves in our deserts or Hot milk or Honey .

So lets go with the Queen and start planting Tulasi a Holy basil in our house . Lets boost immunity of India with simple lifestyle changes , cost effective and environment friendly . Lets embrace Ayurveda in our day to day life , its easy and beautiful .

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