Mrs India 2022 

Mrs India 2022 Meet our very Own Peshwin Bai , Mrs India Corporate Queen Anu Agrawal draped her self in 9 Yards of  Royalty Nauvari. A Royal Attire of Peshwas  .

There are several types of Nauvari drapes , that Woman of Maharashtra draped as per their profession , community and occasion . Be it going on war or being to religious event , performance or to attend wedding drapes of Nauvari changed to match the moment .

So to match the occasion of Mrs India 2021 National Finals in Royal Rajasthan our Corporate Queen decided to match the occation to represent her states Royalty of Maharashtra in Royal Rajasthan .  thats why our Beauty with brains Top 12 Mrs India 2021 is Crowned as Mrs India Corporate Queen .

Mrs India 2021 2022 Finalist Anu Agrawal draped herself in Peshwa Style of Nauvari which has significant waterfall pleats in front . Moslty Royal Woman of Maratha know horse ridding , Swords and they use to join wars . Nauvari was very comfortable for doing all brave actions at the same time this drape embraced feminity of Woman giving them comfort . Water fall pleats was signature of Peshwa Community who were Prime Ministers of Maratha Empire .

mrs india 2022 finalist winner anu agrawal

Lets Meet our Queen Mrs India Corporate Queen 2021 Anu Agrawal in her own words

“Nauvari saree is a 9-yard saree worn by the women of Maharashtra. Even its name is originated from the word ‘Nauvari’, which means 9-yards.
Shahi Saree is also referred to as Peshwai Nauvari Saree. Historical references of Maharashtra ,state that in the 18th century  Peshwas ruled the Maratha Kingdom.This period is also known as peshwai, so the clothing style used by women of Peshwa kingdom is referred to as Peshwai Nauvari Saree. Peshwa women used to wore Nauvari saree made up of a variety of materials like Pathani saree in silk and gold, calico material from Broach Madhyapradesh side chanderi and gossamer and many more other materials.
As per Maharashtrian tradition, nauvari saree is also known as the ‘akhanda vastra’, which means it does not require any other clothing support like a petticoat. Indeed, this outfit is of extraordinary essentialness as ladies crosswise over different backgrounds have worn it.”

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