Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India 2023 2024 Finalist Suchitrra Venkat a great dancer who can make your Soul Dance with her melodious Singing Talent , We heard that it takes an athlete to Dance but an artist to be a dancer ,Suchitra fits this bill perfectly as a Fitness Freak she can dance however  artist in  her makes her move beautifully like a Dancer . Confident and ever enthusiastic Suchitra is Crowned Mrs India Dancing Queen 2023 2022 at National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2023 2022 hosted at Clarks Inn Suits Ranthambore a National Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan.

Like a Queen Suchitrra can channelize her energies in various directions yet can get herself grounded at one point , blessed with Multiple Talents She can amuse you with her Songs and Dance in freestyle and in classical style as well.

Our Dancing Queen has performed on various TV channels and showcased her talent on many Stage Shows including “The London School of Music”.

Suchitrra Venkat is also been on in the prestigious show of singing  “Panchatantra Kriti’s”  organized by Sri Tyagayya  TV in association with “GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS” one of stupendous achievement an Artist can have in her career .

As Art is language of Artist , Artist have no boundaries and for enthusiast like Suchitrra , boundaries have already started blurring , Mrs India’s Dancing Queen is launching her Own Music & Dance Academy  named as ” Suchi’s Music & Moves ”  soon while she will continue to actively contribute to Art and music as Music Consultant to various educational institutions . As Artist is always hungry to explore Suchitrra loves to read to explore and cool delicacies for her lovely daughter .  to  keep  herself fit Suchitrra goes on running ,Cycling and been to many Marathons .

We at Mrs India Family are delighted to have our New Mrs India Dancing Queen 2023 2022 on board who is ready to launch her Own Music & Dance Academy  named as ” Suchi’s Music & Moves “. We wish our Queen all the love and luck. Keep Dancing and Singing .

Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India 2023 Dancing Queen Suchitrra Venkat

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