Mrs India 2023 2024 promotes Conservation of Wild Life

Mrs India has always promoted sustainable lifestyle in various ways , Wildlife makes major part of our Ecosystem and to maintain that equilibrium each and every creature must be protected .So Mrs India 2023 2024 finalists promoted Conservation of wildlife in National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2023 2022 with Safari Round dedicated to Ranthambore National Tiger reserve  .Mrs India Finalist walked the Ramp with beautiful massages dressed in Jungle Safari dress while accessorized Safari dress with Jungle equipment’s like binocular , Hats , sticks , compass , bags, scarfs . Jungle Safari look was made majestic with various types of boots and long boots.

Jungle Safari Dress of Mrs India Finalist 2023 2022

Mrs India 2023 2022 finalists looked dashing and smart while walking Mrs India’s Ramp in super stylish Jungle Safari look. During this round Mrs India Finalists carried various messages like Save Tigers, Stop Killing of Elephants or Taskers of Elephant teeth etc .
Mrs India Finalists gone on Jungle Safari to Ranthambore a Land of Tigers and one of National Tiger Reserve in India .

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve Trip of Mrs India 2023 2022

Mrs India Finalists were dressed in Jungle Safari Dress and did have a enchanting experience in Tiger Reserve which is also a Heritage destination in Rajasthan.
Mrs India Pageants has always worked to encourage sustainable lifestyle right from Fashion Restyling to address Textile Pollution, to use of Handlooms to optimal use of resources or conservation of wild life. When we speak about Wild life it’s not only limited to forests there is a wildlife around us that have started disappearing like Squirrels, sparrow, or parrots due to industrialization, mobile network which is disturbing the equilibrium of flora and fauna around us .
Mrs India believes that World is not only mean to live only for Humans , each and every creature should live in their own habitat .

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