Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India 2023 2024 Finalist Krupa Brahmbhatt from UAE is Crowned Mrs India Marvelous 2023 2022 at National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2023 2022 hosted at Clarks Inn Suits Ranthambore from Jan 29-Jan2023 to 1-Feb-2023 .

Mother of 10-Year-old boy, Krupa is Soft Spoken yet Strong headed, very much loving and attentive is what you will notice moment you meet Krupa who believes in hardwork to become self-dependent, Krupa feels self-respect is above anything and I cannot compromise about my self-worth.

Mrs India Marvelous 2023 2022 Krupa Brahmbhatt is born with fighters’ attitude yet very patient. She knows what is right to fight back just like trained Army. Always on tow to learn new things Krupa made herself strong through thick and thin of life and have never give-up attitude.

School teacher in leading International School, our Mrs India Marvelous has been through all challenges to be where she is and after being crowned as a Queen her will power have no no bounds.

Our Queen is now ready to face the World with more enthusiasm and direction, we are so proud to have Woman with passion and compassion who are Role Models in many ways. we would like to wish all the love and luck to Krupa Brahmbhatt for all her future endeavors.

Mrs India 2023 2024

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