Mrs India 2023 2024

Mrs India 2023 2024 Finalist Ashma Rohtan our New Mrs India Remarkable 2023 2022 , Queen is also Crowned with Mrs India Congeniality 2023 2022 at National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2023 2022 hosted at Clarks Inn Suits Ranthambore from Jan 29-Jan2023 to 1-Feb-2023 .

Ashma Rohtan believes that success comes to those who stay positive in mind and spirit. Ashma face faced tough life from childhood itself, lost her mother at the Age of 9 there after her miseries started growing when her father married for second time .

However, Ashma was born with the attitude of Queen, never lose the hope and never stop dreaming, this attitude of her made her stronger and better person that she is today. She continues her education after marriage ,right from passing 10th Standard to earning Masters Degree she achieves post wedding to which Ashma Rohtan gives the complete credit to her husband who stood behind her like rock solid support . Being a mother of 13-Year-Old Son, wife of defense personal and now a Queen Ashma feels like life is a complete circle. Life has no regrets; she is looking forward for her next Journey as Mrs India Remarkable and Mrs India Congeniality 2023 2022 with lots of hope. Ashma made record of Worldwide Book of Records in ‘Maximum KATHAK sums’ in 2022 under.

We at Mrs India are so proud of our Queen who know how to lead life in adverse situation yet shine like a star a true Role Models in real life. we would like to wish all the love and luck to Ashma Rohtan for her future endeavors.


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