Mrs India Celebrates Bathukamma

Mrs India Celebrates Bathukamma

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Mrs India Celebrates Bathukamma !

Mrs India 2017 Mamta Trivedi Celebrated Bathukamma, Floral festival of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States.

Very Famous British Historian said“

Many of the advance sciences that we consider Today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago !

Mrs India recently Celebrated Bathukamma ,Vibrant Floral Festival that helps water purification in Naturaly and showcase Woman Empowerment and divinity !

Mrs India BathukammaEssence of being Mrs India

Mrs India is one who knows no boundaries but Mrs India is one who is always deeply rooted to Indian values and Culture. Mrs India 2017 Classic winner Mamta Trivedi never failed to Celebrate essence of being Indian and stayed devoted to the State Queen belongs to .The place she is born and brought up ,Telangana formerly known as Andhra .

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Mrs India 2017 Celebrates Bathukamma!

Beauty of festivals originated in India is that our every festival have very meaningful reason behind its Celebrations that serves the purpose behind its celebration.

Indian festivals are centring around Seasons and geographical aspects. Our festivals unite people, promotes art and culture. These festivals attract Tourism in turn helps local economy and builds pride of local communities.

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Mrs India Celebrates essence of Bathukamma !

Indian festivals centring around Seasonal aspects meant to protect environment and boost Heath of region. Mrs India Mamta Trivedi says that Indian culture is deeply rooted to our surroundings , we just don’t Celebrate Festivals we Celebrate relation . Mrs India says our relations are not limited only to families or have selfish boundaries but our relations teaches us to love the Nature , respect Mother Earth and be a responsible Citizen of Earth .

Mrs India further expressed when I was invited to Celebrate Bathukamma my joy knew know bounds ,Floral and Colourful Celebration of Bathukamma was such a joyous moment for me being Mrs India 2017 winner .

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Mrs India Bathukamma

Mrs India 2017 Speaks about Bathukamma !

Our Queen Mrs India 2017 Mamta Trivedi said Bathukamma is one such Iconic Floral festivals from State of Telangana where all Woman’s come together to Celebrate Bathukamma for Nine Days. Woman Make Goddess Durga from Earth along with Bathukamma and emmerse it in Pond .

This get together of Woman helps bonding and friendship bloom just like Bathukamma Flowers said Mrs India Mamta Trivedi. I met really beautiful and remarkable Ladies during Bathukamma Celebrations .


Mrs India Bathukamma

Mrs India 2017 on importance of Bathukamma:

Mrs India feels Celebrations should bound us together as stronger society ,helps boom local economy and should return something back to the society and Bathukamma is one such Celebrations this Celebrations brings all Womans together makings us realise what importance our Culture has given ,Mrs India feels it’s another name of Woman Empowerment .

In every culture water is sacred, In India our ancestors said  “Water is Life !” and they took every efforts to preserve and protect water resources . Our worships of Rivers was symbol of our responsibility towards preserving our water resources.

Mrs India says Beauty of Bathukamma is its Celebrates Divinity of being Woman at the same time helps water purification in Natural way

Mrs India Winner Mamta Trivedi

Mrs India 2017 Celebrates Nature with Floral Festival !

Mrs India Mamta Trivedi who celebrated Bathukamma explained further that this Floral festival will be celebrated in scond half of Monsoon when water reservoirs are abundance of rain water .When Season blooms with Colourful and vibrant flowers .

Bathukamma is made up of all these varieties of indigenous flower like Zhandu as well known as Marogold , Jasmine known as Chameli  , Champa and all Native flowers .

Mrs India Bathukamma

Mrs India Mamta Trivedi !

What amazed Mrs India Mamta Trivedi is immersing Bathukamma in water is just not a formality it has a purpose behind it and that it natural water purification.isnt that really amazing said Mrs India.

To support this Celebration Mrs India Mamta Trivedi futher added that this is scientifically proven method of saving Water from pollution which is cost effective and results oriented .

Mrs India says this Floral Water Purification method is well described in ancient India in Ayurveda , so this is not been invented today .That gives one more reason for our Mrs India to feel proud and Celebrate this vibrant and COlorful floral festibal Bathukamma !

Mrs India Bathukamma

Mrs India Mamta Trivedi’s Bathukamma Festival was noticed and admired by many and was well covered in Media .Mrs India Celebration is just not a Cultural festival or Heritage pride but show Mrs India’s responsibility towards maintaining Ecosystem we live in .

We at Mrs India Pageants are very proud of our Queen Mamta Trivedi! Lets wish Mrs India a Very Vibrant and Floral Bathukamma !

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