Mrs. India 2021 2022

Mrs India as a Panacea A goddess of the cure by medicines and salves, Dr Shilpa Hakki a Goddess of  . Celebration of Navratri is special at Mrs. India Pageants , As Navratri is Celebration of Womanhood and Woman power so does Mrs. India .  In this time of World Crisis of Covid19 , when entire World is fighting Pandemic our Mrs India’s warier Queen is not behind . Our Mrs India fighting this war from front and serving humanity with utter dedication and commitment . Meet Mrs India’s Dancing Queen 2019 2020 who was Crowned as Mrs Asia International Talented Queen 2019 2020 hosted in Myanmar .

Dr Shilpa Hakki represented India at World Finals of Mrs Asia International , This brave heart Doctors Talented grabbed attention of Many , Trained Indian Classical Dancers passion for Dance is beyond words .

At Mrs India we are so proud of our Our Goddess who is at present serving in Covid19 Centers delicately for day and night . She has decided not to give-up even after she caught infection but Queen is always victorious she fought Coronavirus and joined her Duty back .

For Navaratri Mrs India presents you our Beautiful , Talented Goddess Panacea Dr Shilpa Hakki , Queen take a Bow .

mrs india asia international shilpa hakki
Goddess at Mrs Asia International

Mrs India at Mrs Asia International :

Dr Shilpa Hakki represnted Goddess Druga at World Finals of Mrs Asia International , this look was much apreciated at World finals as bing a Classical Dancer , Queen carried Avatar of Maa Durga with utmost Graceful yet Powerful appearance .

Dr Shipla Hakki made a point that she will leave a glitter at every location she visited with a Dance performance of which is in link below , Mrs India is Dancing at Myanmar .



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