Mrs India Pageants Deepali Phadnis Crown Launch 2018 2019

Mrs India Pageants Deepali Phadnis Crown Launch 2018 2019

Mrs India Pageants by Deepali Phadnis:

Mrs India Pageants wishes you all a very Happy International Yoga Day, Day Whole World Celebrates Most Wonderful Contribution India has given to the rest of the World.

While World Is Celebrating International Yoga Day, Mrs India Pageants Launched Customized Crown of Mrs India which Represents India and inspired from Indian Heritage that represents symbolism of Indian Pride which is Designed by Deepali Phadnis. That is what makes Crown of Mrs India special just like special Mrs India Family.

Mrs India’s Crown of Mrs India, by Mrs India and only For Mrs India is designed by Director of Mrs India Pageants Deepali Phadnis.

Mrs India Pageants started in 2013 by Deepali Phadnis during her reign as Mrs Asia International 2012 from its inception Mrs India has always delivered Unique themes every Next Year which is remarkable.

Nothing to starts with Mrs India Crown ……

Deepali Phadnis Mrs India Director
Deepali Phadnis with Mrs India Crown

Now what Indian Heritage has contributed to the World Civilization? Nothing ….

India has given Nothing to the World so World can start something! India has given a Centre of Mathematics. Mathematics which has shaped Human Civilization and what World is today.

This Symbol of Nothingness Zero is given by India and same Central Point starts with the Crown of Mrs India right in Centre which is Zero.

Mrs India Crown Speaks, Starts Communication with you with its First Sight!

Deepali Phadnis Mrs India 2019 2018 Crown 2020 Deepali Phadnis (8)First thing that Makes Human Beings most powerful than rest of the Beings of this World is our ability to communicate, Communication that brings World Together.

First A Mode of communication that connects us with all of us is Greetings!  Greetings is from where we start connecting

Identity of every Country, Every Culture starts with the way we Greet when we Meet!

Indian Greetings always starts with a very Humble Posture “Namaste “or “Namaskar”, A beautiful way to Welcome with Whole Heart and Soul. So, first things that starts after Nothing (I mean Zero) is first thing We do when we meet is Greet, Namaste or Namaskar is Right above Nothing” Zero” which is at the Centre of Mrs India’s Crown!

Mrs India’s Crown symbolises Yoga Sana ,Most Beautiful gift given by India to the World !

Deepali Phadnis Mrs India Director
Deepali Phadnis with Mrs India Crown

Well India has contributed in many ways to World Civilization but Yoga is that Beautiful gift to World, is has brought World towards India. Yoga Sana is whole heartedly accepted, regularly practiced and Celebrated Across the World. Today 21-June is Celebrated across World as Yoga day because Yoga is just not an aerobic physical activity but Yoga practice Connects Body with Soul .

Though Yoga Sana have various Asanas Postures, King of all Asanas which is incorporation of 12 Asanas is Surya Namaskar , Sun Salutation is very much at the Top of Mrs India’s Crown .

Star of the World, Shines on the Top of the Crown of Mrs India

Surya “Sun” is star of Solar System ,Sun is Nurtures of This World .Being most important Source of Energy to World an Life on the Earth is due to Surya “Sun”

Mrs India’s Crown with National Flower of India – Lotus

Bean of India, Lotus is Symbol of Beauty Wisdom, Divinity and Purity Lotus flower is National Flower of India that represents India in Mrs India’s Crown.

Mrs India Crown showcases Diversity of India with National Bird Peacock

What makes India Most Unique nation in the World? Our Diversity and best of it is our Unity in Diversity. No Nation in this World is as Diverse as India.

This Rich Indian Heritage showcased in vibrant Colours of Peacock, Indian Prosperity.

When Peacock dances with Spread of hundreds of Feathers symbolises Unity in Diversity of Indian Culture. Making Peacock our National Bird which seats on the both Sides of Mrs India Crown representing Indian Heritage, Prosperity and India’s Unity in Diversity.

Mrs India’s Crown is based on India where our Trademark “Mrs India™” bears this India on It, making very base of Indian values, Pride of being Indian that not only symbolizes identity of being Indian but represents India Internationally across the World.

This Mrs India Crown will be donned by Most Beautiful Indian married Woman at One and Only National Beauty Pageant of India Mrs India Pageant by Deepali Phadnis.Mrs India 2019 2018 Deepali Phadnis (8)

 Mrs India 2018:

Mrs India 2018 is Sixth Edition of Mrs India™ Pageants by Deepali Phadnis and to start with this Year Mrs India Pageants have launched a Theme Crown, Crown that will be donned by Most Beautiful Indian Married Woman. Mrs India Crown that itself Roots on Title Mrs India which is Trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd which gives Base where all Elements that represents Symbols of India, Pride of India.

Mrs India Crown Launch

Mrs India Crown was unveiled beautifully by Mrs India Pageants along with Director Deepali Phadnis ,regional Directors ,Sponsors and Partners of Mrs India 2018 in Association with the Spice Club .

Mrs India is one and only National Premium Beauty Pageant and Only Gate way to the World’s premium Beauty Pageants for married Woman. Mrs India Contestants comes after participating in more than Twelve Regional or State Level Mrs India Pageants headed by Regional Director of Mrs India who are scattered in nook and corner of India and Overseas.

Mrs India is Trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd ,However Mrs India Pageants is not only limited to Mrs India Pageants but is home to more than Ten World’s Premium Beauty Pageants for Miss ,Mrs ,Mr ,Model and Fashion Awards which comes under the Umbrella of Fashion India Trademark headed by Deepali Phadnis and supported by Regional Directors across India and abroad .

World’s Most Prestigious Pageants National Directed by Deepali Phadnis are

Manhunt India

Miss Asia Pacific International

Miss Tourism Queen International

Miss Global Beauty Queen International

Mrs Asia International

Mrs Tourism Queen International

Mrs Planet

Fashion Asia Awards.

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