Mrs India Winner Mallika Billupati

Mrs India winner is not about being a Queen , Its a responsibility , a national responsibility . Out of Billions from India , its only official Mrs India have a opportunity to represent India on truly International Platform where other Nationals represent their nation .

From past 10 Years Mrs India winners are representing India on various International Platforms , for the Year Mrs India 2021 2022 We crwoned Mallika Billupati as Mrs India 2021 2022 Winner and Dr Anita Mishra as Mrs India 2021 200 Winner in Classic Catagory .

Mrs India 2023 winner Mallika Billupati

Mrs India Winner

Mrs India 2021 2022 Winner Mallika Billupati is representing India on Mrs Planet 2022 in Sofia Bulgaria from 9thJuly till 16th July .

Mrs India Winner is so exited to represent India and fully prepared , Right from her costumes to every look her wardrobe is designed . Our Queen is enjoying the Scenic Bulgaria in full zoom .

“Finally after two Years of Hardwork finally I am here as Mrs India Winner ”

Mrs India 2023 winner 2022 Mallika Billupati

Mrs India Mallika Billupati

Mrs India Winner Mallika Billupati has worked on her every aspect , from fitness ,food , fashion to Costumes for various rounds right from state Pageant to Mrs India 2021 2022 Nationals to now international at Mrs Planet .

This is the first time she has traveled abroad , generally people travel for leisure but our Queen is on duty that’s what makes her a Queen .

Leaving her Son behind in India while she will do Honor of representing India was a made up of mixed feelings , excitement of being at next level of Mrs India and separation from Child though for q 10 Days its still difficult . However National responsibility comes first .

Exclusivity of being on Official Mrs India is an opportunity. It is not everyone that get represent India , Today I truly feel one in Billions of married Woman , its an honor , a Joy and loads of responsibilities and ton of excitement all racing in my heart together . I cannot explain my feelings of being here at Sofia Bulgaria .

Mrs India 2023 winners 2022

Mrs India Winner Looking forward

I am so looking forward to have wonderful week at Mrs India , Many rounds , costumes ,new friends and interaction with National from various nations is going to be a Fantastic experience  .

Here at Mrs India we are so proud of our Queen , Mrs India winner Mallika Billupati and equally exited to follow our Queen on her International Journey . SO stay tuned and follow only Official Mrs India  on Our Facebook Page , Instagram and YouTube  

Mrs India 2023 winner 2022 Mallika Billupati


10 Glorious Years of Mrs India …..




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