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Resorts Wear for Summer Vacations

Holiday like a Queen

Sun is scorching very harsh; this summer season is recording highest temperatures everyone across Nation. Temperatures are further expected to rise as Queens of Mrs India will be Holidaying to beat the heat in their own style, Therefore Mrs India advises to take necessary precautions before reading this article as Mrs India’s Queens are looking sizzling Hot in their Resort Wear.

What are Summer Friendly Fabrics?

Queens picked beautiful resort wear made up of linen, cotton, satin, muslin and khadi. Queens choose floral prints patterns , some tropical print to plain .These are breathable and light to carry. Some Accessorized themselves in hawaiian style or some kept it minimal .

resort wear mrs india

Ditch the Heels and stressful footwear

Walking Relaxed feet or bare feet is way to Nirvana, this is therapy that calms you down and makes you feel good instantly so pack flip flops, Sandals, floaters, pool slip-ons for pool you can choose bright colours if you like.

resort wear barefoot

What to wear on summer vacation?

Vacations are break from regular work pressure so does the formal clothing, One should chill in relaxed clothing to feel the nirvana that vacations offer. Your wardrobe should pamper you so it is very important for you to pack clothing for the season.

Don’t hesitate Pamper Yourself with Fresh flower treat

Fragrance of fresh flower has calming effect on eyes and nerves too. Don’t hesitate to add fresh flower garland or pamper yourself with fresh flower in head. Goddess in you need to calm down

resort wear mrs india

Don’t forget to accessorize

Hat, Goggles, Zola Bags, Shabnam Bags, Waist Bags, Bamboo Baskets, scarf, sarong are easy to carry that will be useful as well as enhance your look.

If you do not have access to fresh flower, don’t worry Accessorise with Artificial flower, this will further boost your enthusiasm on Holiday with bright colours and enhance your look to suit the season.

pool side dress

What is Resort Wear?

A Clothing for holidaying in resort, generally made from flowy breathable preferably natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, organic silk like satin, chiffon those make you feel relaxed and instantly lift up your mood. Fabrics can have Tropical Prints, Flower prints, Embroidery or plain to give you calming effect.

You can carry music system or head phones if you like to groove on beach or river side by pool side. Dancing is a therapy that instantly lifts you up and rejuvenate. So go for it and have a fantastic vacation. Don’t forget to carry your Mask and sanitisers. Remember Covid is not yet over.

holiday resort wear

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Happy just like Mrs India , Bon voyage